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Brisket on Drum.....Considerations?


New Member
Always have done brisket on my kamado, want to give the drum a try. Looking for any pointers specific to the drum. I have a few questions....

1. Flip or not? I noticed the underside of whatever I'm cooking on the drum gets a little more done. Wondering if I should flip the brisket every couple hours? If not will definitely be going fat side down.

2. Pan or no pan? That's a lot of fat rendering directly onto a fire. Not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing. I know some don't like that singed fat flavor, I honestly don't know if I do or not, but I think I might. I would be concerned with the amount of fat that will be rendering and if that will cause any issues. If I pan, should I add water?

I would definitely rotate the rack every hour or so. Other than that would cook like I normally do. Drum seems to hold temps really well. Just bought some post oak chunks I want to put to good use. Never used oak before.