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Cast iron in the oven



One of the things I love most about my cast iron skillet is that I can use it on the stove, then put it straight into the oven. I know there are other kinds of skillets that can go in the oven, but there is nothing like getting a good sear on a piece of meat in your cast iron skillet, then adding vegetable or broth to make gravy, and putting it in the oven.


We do this all of the time as well. My cast iron skillet and dutch oven are probably my most used pieces of cooking equipment.


Do this too. I most often use this for cooking steaks if the weather is bad and I can't get out to my grill. I also sometimes bake pizzas in my pan and finish the bottom of the crust on the stove. I don't have a dutch oven yet so my cast iron is pretty much the only pan I can do this with at the moment.