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Clay Oven



So... this is only technically open-flame cooking, making an earth oven. But who wouldn't want this out in their yard? Look how cute it is! It's cuter than a garden gnome and way, way more useful.

At first, I was a little puzzled about how that's used to roast or bake anything. Why not just make an open fire? As it turns out, you make the fire first, then put it out, and the clay will continue to radiate the heat that it's captured. That, I think sounds pretty cool. You can make a pizza beside the open fire, then put the fire out and scrape out the char and ash (hence the tile base for easy cleaning), and then bake... bread loaves, if you want. What else cooks at that temperature?

Apparently some can come with doors, to keep more of the heat in for longer.

Here's one step-by-step way to make an earth oven, which advises having a roof over the oven so that it won't get weathered.