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Cooking bacon



I cook bacon on an iron skillet, too. I love the fact that we don't need to add oil as it will just continue to grease the skillet as it cooks. I just cook it to golden brown. There was a time I saw steamed bacon served in a hotel breakfast buffet. It looks weird to me, but I had no choice that time because I wanted bacon on my sandwich. It was OK for a sandwich, though. Maybe others would like their bacon steamed. Not me.


I love fried bacon, but hate having to stand there and turn it, baby sit it. So I started doing it in the oven. I line my baking pan with foil to minimize the cleanup. And when it is done, of course, I save the grease,,, just pour it into my bacon fat jar and put the gold into the refrigerator.


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Want insane bacon? Take thick cut bacon and put it on a raised rack over a pan in the oven and cook it about half way till it starts getting bubbles on it. Take it out paint it with good cane syrup. The strong stuff. Then bread the bacon in pecan meal then place back in the oven to finish cooking. Pecan crusted, candied,... need I say more???:yo:


Normally I do nothing special with my bacon I just pull the stripes out of the packet and then I just throw them in the frying pan. I will tell you though that the one thing that I really do not like about that is that the oil comes out of the pot and somethings if you get caught by it you can get a serious burn.