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Critters & wood



Anyone find critters in your wood pile? Found a mouse living in my neighbors wood pile. He talked about tossing it out because of it. Makes me think I need to go through mine.


Not sure how the urine would affect the wood. I wonder if they also have other droppings where they sleep. Most animals do not but do you want to take that chance?


Nec timeo, nec sperno
Down here we get lots of bugs in them. Found a frog in the pile a few times. Not sure if I would keep the wood or not.

How is your pile setup, just setup on the ground, stacked up, inside a building (shed, garage) or something else?

Grill Master

Honestly, it has never really bothered me much. Whatever is in the wood is going to be burned to ash by the time I use it up and my food doesn't touch the wood directly. I don't use the wood inside the house so it's not really an issue. We have a small fire pit that we cook on occasionally and a very small wood pile.


If you use the wood for a fire in the house, would mouse urine or other things like that present any health hazard? Or it just a hazard to those people who are carrying the wood into the house in order to burn it?


There is no danger to you if you are burning the wood in the house. Mouses and other rodents like to hide out in wood piles. I don't cook directly on the wood either (outside). I have never had a problem with anything I have cooked. I'm sure there have been a couple of rodents rummaging through my wood piles. We have over 55 face cord of wood!

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