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Cubed steak



One of our favorites in my household!

--3-4 cubed steaks (pork or beef, either is fine)
--2 cups breadcrumbs
--Marinade of your choice (garlic and herb tends to do well)
--Cooking spray

In a glass dish, soak steaks in marinade. Allow to marinate for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. Afterwards, coat each steak evenly in breadcrumbs. Fry on medium heat until each side is golden and crisp on the outside (roughly eight to ten minutes).

Serve with mashed potatoes or vegetables of your choice.


Sounds wonderful Tessa. One of our favorites is "Chicken Fried Steak." Same concept except the steak is put in the crock pot after frying and covered with gravy made from the pan drippings. It simmers all day and is mouth watering with mashed potatoes and green beans.


I don't know, we've never had good luck doing our own cubed steak. I gotta believe it's the quality of the meat. We've marinated ours for overnight and still it wasn't that good. I'm looking into buying some prime meat over the internet from some farms that sell direct now.


I've never thought to marinate cubed steak. A great way to cook cubed steak so that it is tender is to bread and fry, then slow cook them with lots of canned tomatoes and lots of onions. One version of Swiss steak.


It really does depend on where you get it from and how tender the meat is. Even if it's been pre-tenderized, it may not be tender enough, depending on the shop. Lucky for me, the steaks available at my grocery store almost always turn out perfect.

I've never tried slow cooking a cube steak. I imagine there are a number of ways to do it. I go by how I was taught by my family. I'll have to try doing it in a crock pot next time!


What they sell as cube steak in our local grocery stores is typically eye of round steaks that have been put through a meat tenderizer machine to punch a bunch of holes into them. They are kind of hit or miss though. Sometimes they are still so tough and chewy you can barely cut through them with a knife.

This sounds like a great recipe, but I would probably use a safer cut of meat that I know for certain is going to be tender.


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We usually make our own out of beef or venison. We beat the hell out of them with a meat hammer. Placing a plastic wrap over and under the meat helps keep down splater as ya wale on them. It's kinda fun actually. After beating them up we pass them in egg wash and then breading and fry them. Southern favorite chicken fried steak. We usually cut them into strips, making them finger food. great with your favorite gravy and smashed taters too.