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Deep cast iron skillet



Does anyone have one of these? I saw one the other day and decided I really want one. It seems like it would be sort of a cross between a regular cast iron skillet and a Dutch oven. I think it would be easier to fry chicken pieces in it and cook larger pieces of meat, especially when you have to move it from stove to oven.


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Something like this?

to do stuff like this in?

or this:


If this is it then yea I have one. it lives on our kitchen stove at home and we cook 8 out of every 10 meals in it both on the stove and in the oven. It is currently parked on the propane stove keeping the old perculator company as we camp out. Many more pictures and recipes on our blog.


Nice pictures Cappy, you are making me hungry and it's not even lunch time! That's a deep cast iron pan, I'd love one of those too but it would probably cost a pretty penny for it.


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I have no idea what the one pictured cost it was my Great Grandmothers. With htis in mind they are a great investment and like any cast iron can be found in flea markets, yard sales, good will etc . It's fun hunting them. Since they last forever with a little care that makes the cost over time minimal.


Wow, I wasn't even really aware of cast iron skillets this size. I would like one since I don't have a dutch oven yet. My cast iron is probably only about 3 inches tall. I would like a deeper one for frying or cooking bigger pieces of meat.


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I have a very slow growing collection. A few new Lodge pieces and some yard sales. Found some great big pots and other more unique items the other day at a flea market. Sadly they were $150 and more.

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