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Eggs Benedict with Crab Meat



Have you ever had eggs Benedict with crab meat instead of Canadian bacon? I had it this weekend and it was divine. I'd love to make it at home except there is that whole pesky poaching an egg issue.


That sounds amazing. I am not a fan of Canadian bacon, but I love crab meat. Plus, I think it would go so well with the Hollandaise sauce. Now you have me hungry, and it is not yet time for lunch!


That sounds pretty good but I'm not a fan poached eggs! I love frying my eggs in a pan. Not only is it easier, but I get to not worry about keeping it together in the water. Kudos to you if you can do that.


That sounds good! I am a huge crab meat fan, so I would love to try that recipe. I don't think I'll be totally okay with the poaching part though. I never seem to get it right.


Holandaise and poached egg would be delicious over crab! I would probably hit it with a little Old Bay seasoning, and perhaps a splash or two of Tobasco to keep things authentic.

Do you not like the taste of poached egg? Or just hate making it? I suppose you could make a mini omelette and fold it into quarters before assembling it, if you dislike a poached egg, or just fry it sunny side up with a lid on until the yolk sets.

Poaching an egg is dead simple, really. Just bring a few inches of water to a gentle simmer, and crack an egg into a bowl (to make sure the yolk isn't broken), then gently lower it into the water to poach. As long as it's at a simmer, the egg should not stick to the bottom. You can fish off some of the excess egg whites floating to the top while its cooking with a slotted spoon. Then just gently lift the egg out with the slotted spoon onto a smooth plate and blot out any excess water.

I would also suggest the Julia Childs blender method for a Holandaise sauce.


Oh this sounds amazing. I pick up fresh meat every week at least once in the summer. It's a favorite of ours. I might try this. Never even thought about it.


I have not but I would be willing to try it. I headed out to a store this weekend that I thought would have some crab meat in stock but it turns out they are totally out, so much so in fact that they had to put a sign up. I guess I am not the only one craving it.