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Ember Cooking



This topic is partially inspired by BarbiQ's Potato in the fire topic.

It reminded me of something I read in Neil Gaiman's Stardust novel (which was, by the way, waaay better than the movie) where this guy on his fantasy-adventure with lots of walking, makes breakfast by hunting down a hedgehog and covering the meat in clay.


And letting the ball of clay cook in the embers overnight, with the hedgehog meat inside.

Fortunately, nowadays we have tin foil for that which apparently makes things go a lot faster too than clay would. Eggs would probably cook just fine in the embers without a tin foil, though. Potatoes, carrots, beets and other tubers would be delicious cooked in embers, anyway.

I also remember how in the girl scouts, I learned how to cook scrambled egg in plantain peel, in the embers of a campfire. I wondered why we couldn't just cook plantain in plantain peel seeing as the plantain was already in there and had to be cooked anyway, but still it was cool to see how hardy vegetable peelings could be. (Technically, okay, fruit peelings.)

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