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Fire Magic Echelon w Dual Side Burners



Hi folks! Just found this site, it's a good one - I'm happy I did.

We've had a Fire Magic gas grill for years and have been pretty happy with it - but the time has come to move up to something a bit bigger and some more modern features.

We've sort of settled on the cart mounted Echelon 660 series with dual side burners but we can't actually find one locally to see in person.

Curious if anyone here has one of these and can tell me about storage capacity inside the cart. The cart has two outward swinging doors - one on each side, as well as two center mounted drawers. Behind the left hand door on the 660 there is a slide-out propane tank holder.

I'm really curious about what's behind the right hand door and no one seems to be able to answer that question for certain and none of the online literature shows the cabinet with the doors open.

My objective is to use the right hand side to store an extra propane tank and keep it out of weather and sight.

Anyone own or have access to an Echelon E660s-4E1N-71?