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Garden fresh smothered green beans and taters



This is not a recipe Cappy. It's artwork. They look so good and I love your purple bowl. It' still cold where I am so the green beans have not even come up yet.


That looks so good! I love that it is wheat and gluten free also! I need more recipes like this in my collection and I can't wait for my green beans to sprout. Seeing yours reminds me of just how fresh vegetables can be when you grow them your own. If you had bought them from the store they wouldn't have looked like that! Thanks for the idea.


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Thanks for the kind words you guys and since Peggy is a celiac every thing we cook is totally gluten free


Those are some lovely beans. You must have a very happy garden. We barely just started getting leaves on the trees over here. I remember as a kid, picking beans and eating them directly off the plant.

I would never have thought to use green beans along with sausage. That looks like a really satisfying meal!


That looks yummy Cappy! Our beans still have grown, our weather has been a little on the cool side lately. I will have to try this recipe out.

I still pick and eat them off the plant BarbiQ!


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Our green beans have long quit bearing and have been pulled up to make room for summer okra We do have a bunch in qt bags in the freezer though.

The Freshness