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Getting to know my Grill


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Last year, in about August, I obtained a Charbroil 6 burner grill with the sear station. It also has the side burner. I put in a new set of jets and regulator. I bought it used, and the guy I bought it from said it needed it. It didn't need it, the tank connector on the tank he "gave" me was wonky. New tank fixed things, but I DID replace the regulator and jets before I found this out. Ah, but I digress.

My wife and I don't grill out that much I'm going to say about a dozen maybe 15 times since then. I turned on the grill today (nice day, why not burgers) and the flame was very low. the tank felt very light. I'm guessing I'm using the grill improperly, or not figuring how many times I used it. I only turn on 2-3 burners (not the sear end) at a time. Mostly, I grill burgers or chicken breasts my wife marinades. I can't figure out if I've actually used it more than I thought, or is something wrong?
I'd really like the input of some people "in-the-know."

Thin Crust

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Did you by chance leave the tank turned on while not using the grill? I’ve lost more than one tank due to seepage at the tank / regulator junction.