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Grilled Grilled Zucchini Pizza



This recipe looks so good! It's for grilled zucchini pizza. All you do is slice a zucchini, top it with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, and then grill the slices. I think I'm going to try this over the weekend.


Zucchini pizza sounds like a great low-carb take on pizza. I have been thinking about going low carb lately so I'll have to bookmark that recipe and try it out for myself.


I like all the ingredients in the recipe, but my concern is more with the execution of it all. Wouldn't the zucchini be way too flimsy and soft once it's grilled? I wouldn't want hot sauce and cheese falling down my arm. Plus, since it's only being grilled on one side, it may be raw on the other side with the sauce and cheese.

You might be able to do some sort of grilled zucchini rollup stuffed with cheese, sauce and pepperoni. Or simply putting the zucchini and other ingredients on a traditional pizza shell.

My folks have put zucchini slices on an egg pizza, topped with Parmesan cheese. You just take a regular pizza dough and rub the top down with some olive oil that's been mixed with a lot of fresh garlic. Then pour over some scrambled egg and add the zucchini and Parmesan and bake it. Season the pizza to taste with salt and pepper if need be.


The recipe sounds good but it seems like the slices would be overcooked because zucchini has a lot of water and cook rather quickly. I guess an alternative would be to have bruschetta slices or thin-slice toast nearby. Or, hollow a whole zucchini and place ingredients inside. My guess is that it would cook fully in about 20 mins. I would like to try it but my building forbids using an outdoor grill.


I have had these and actually they cook quite well. By the time the zucchini was cooked the cheese was melted and it was really tasting. I had no problem with the zucchini slices being too soft and flimsy. It is a great way to have pizza while you are camping. I will definitely do it again!