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Halloween is around the corner


Red Boots

Who's planning a Halloween bonfire? A friend of ours has a Halloween party every year, and we always end the night with tales around a bonfire and plenty of s'mores.

What about you guys? Planning any big parties at the end of the month?


We are not having a fire but there will be a party. The kids always get stuck with only a few places to hit up for Halloween so we are going to pack up and visit family in another state for the weekend. We are going to have a huge block party and since it is in a gated community it will be easier to keep track of the kids.


I really want to try this new thing that I discovered, which is basically meatballs, "mummified" in sliced strings of pizza dough, with monterey jack cheese and black olives for eyes (cut out into eye circle shapes by using two sizes of straws.) They're meatball mummies, usually baked. Perfect savory Halloween dish!


Nec timeo, nec sperno
No big parties here. But chances are after the kids are done trick or treating I'll be out by the pit relaxing.


The kids don't go door to door anymore just to parties and we only have the neighbor's kids since they are the only young ones in the neighborhood. Cheaper on candy that way. I buy for the kids next door and some for our kids.


We don't usually do bonfires at Halloween. I love Halloween and all the costumes. It's fun to watch the different costumes that come out every year and how excited the kids get trick or treating for their candy. Some people bring their dogs all dressed up as well.


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I plan a bonfire every year on Halloween, in fact I organize a party and we enjoy a lot together, it's a great day to spend with family and friends, in fact this year I also do planning for it.

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