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Help! The Meat is Catching Fire



The common dilemma I encounter during open fire barbecuing is that the fat of the meat easily catches fire. It happens on pork and also on chicken. Because of this, I just keep a spray bottle filled with water by my side. I squirt a bit of water on the flaming meat to douse it. But that's about it. Even if I lessen the charcoal, the fatty drippings become flammable.

Do you have any other tips which I can do to prevent this from happening the next time we do our open fire barbecue? Thanks!


Sounds like the fire may be too hot. You could wait till the fire burns down more and cook over the coals rather than the flame.


How about cooking on tin foil. This keeps the drippings from dropping into the flames. I don't think it's a heat problem at all. Once the fat hits the flame it "fires" us the flame even more.

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