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Himalayan Salt Block



Have you ever heard of cooking with a salt block? Apparently, you put the block of salt on the grill and then cook the food on top of it. It's suppose to not only flavor the food item, but the heat of the salt block "sears" the food as well.


I have not tried it before but I have heard of it. I don't know where you could get some but I image it may be a bit expensive. I has also seen where beef is aged using the salt blocks as well. It was used to help dry the meat and add flavor at the same time.

Mrs. Pirz

I have not had personal experience with this but I do remember seeing a few students in cooking school use block salt for a couple of special demos. I didn't attend them because they usually ran while I was in labs making sweets. It is definitely a new for of cooking - I would be interested in seeing how this works.


I have heard of this method of cooking but I haven't tried it. It is an interesting idea, but will the food not be overly salty? A Himalayan salt block is expensive too. Can you cook with the salt block multiple times? I think I would rather keep the salt than cook on it.