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How do you make s'mores?

How do you roast marshmallows over an open fire?

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I've learned to make these in a toaster oven or baking oven, where I can enjoy an even golden-brown to slightly charred singe and melted puffy insides.

When it comes to the open fires, though, I just can't wait! I stick the marshmallow in the fire to burn and then blow it out like a match stick. Sugar singes really quickly. I sandwich it inside Graham crackers and I'm done.

...No, seriously, I often do not even wait for the chocolate. That's how wild I get with marshmallows and an open fire.

However you roast your marshmallows, of course, what really makes a s'more is what else you add to it. I like Graham crackers because they add body and offset the sweetness of the roasted marshmallows, but I've also heard of chocolate chip cookies or even Oreo cookies being used to sandwich it. Ginger snaps for a cold night out, maybe?

And then there's the less sturdy additives: chocolate bar pieces, or shredded chocolate, Nutella (spread on the cracker or cookie beforehand, to lessen the mess), chocolate chips, peanut butter, there's even peanut butter chocolate chips out there... s'mores made with M&M's or rainbow sprinkles wouldn't be that far off. How about some fruit like a banana to reason out that this isn't completely unhealthy? ;)

What are your s'mores ingredients?


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We often coat both gram crackers with peanut butter. chocolate on one marshmallow on the other and press them together like a sandwich. Grand kids and wife love them.:yo:

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