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How do you store your cast iron?



I have my regular pans in the drawer under my oven. There is no extra room in there, plus I would also be worried about adding so much extra weight to a drawer. I would like to consider getting more cast iron pieces, but first I need to figure out where they would go. Where and how (stacked, hanging, etc.) do you keep yours?


The skillet that I use the most often stays out on top of the stove. My other pieces are in a cabinet on the bottom so the weight isn't really an issue.


I use my cast iron skillet a lot so I always leave it hanging on hook at eye level under the cupboard where the hooks are placed. This is also my drying area after washing the pots and pans. The most used pans often stay there hanging.


I remember reading that you should never wash your cast iron pans or dutch ovens because you loose the "seasoning". If you follow that logic then the pan pretty much gets left out on the stove and wiped out with a paper towel before and after every use. For me they just go in the cupboard on the bottom shelf. They all previously were stored under the oven in the storage there but now I have a lower oven (doubled up!).


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Mine typically stay on a shelf in the kitchen. One of the skillets gets used often so it is typically on the stove.


When I had cast in, I kept it the oven. I had a gas stove with a pilot light so the little bit of heat the pilot light generated, helped keep it dry and detour any rust from forming. Whether or not I washed my cast iron, depended on what I cooked in it. If I did wash it, I dried it on a burner over a flame. That way I knew there was no residula dampness and no chance of rust forming.

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