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How To Cook A 1 lb Brisket?



I had been mentioning that I wanted to try and cook brisket for the first time, and my folks happened to be at the grocery store yesterday and saw that they had brisket on sale, so they picked one up for me. However it's only a 1 lb piece.

So now I have two issues, what's the best easy recipe for brisket, and how do I adapt it for a 1 lb piece since most recipes call for a 4 lb piece.

I did come across this recipe, which sounded rather simple:


But it recommends 1 hour cooking time per pound. I am worried this will not be enough time for a tender brisket, and if I should go lower and slower. Also, it calls for BBQ sauce to be wrapped in foil. Wouldn't that cause the sauce to react to the aluminum and impart a bad taste?

Any suggestions on how to cook such a small piece?