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Hello everyone,
My name is Susan, and I LOVE to cook
when it comes to BBQ, I am the first person at the party who's eager to do it, haha

hope to find a creative and responsive community here :)


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Hi, tiewunon
I'm cooking on this Traeger (you can read more if you like). It's a wood-pellet grill.

But I'd like to try a classic charcoal grill


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Used to have a pellet grill but my sister in - law decided she needed it more than I did. So she took it with her after a visit. She and her husband are getting a lot of use out of it. At first I was sorry to see it go, but it is at a great home. Got over it and moved on.
  • For charcoal grills I still have a Weber Kettle hanging around its old but still going strong. Also have a. Original PK and a Hastybake Gourmet. All 3 of those grills I can use regular charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal or even a combo of both.
  • Also have a couple of ceramic kamado's hanging around which use lump charcoal as its fire source.

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