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Dutch Oven Made a delicious beef stew last night



It was windy, so I did cook it inside but the recipe would work over a fire or a grill, too. I cut my beef up into cubes and dredged it in flour, then seared in hot oil. Once seared, I put it in the dutch oven with about 6 cups of water and 4 bouillon cubes. Then I added chopped celery and a huge onion, chopped. I also added in parsley, basil, salt, pepper and about a 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce. After it began boiling, I added a pound of carrots, sliced, along with some fresh cut green beans and about six potatoes. With the flour dredging, I didn't even have to thicken it.


Hi Hotcoals

Would love to see pictures of that dish, sounds like a mouth watering experience. Where do you serve this kind of dish, can it be an every week serving or is it for special occassions.


This sounded great, would have loved to see some pictures of it as well. There are certain times, with certain recipes, that for some reason I prefer bouillon over broth - and this would be one of them. For some reason, they just give everything a more intense concentrated flavor than what you get from broth alone.

If you haven't tried it yet, I would suggest checking out the Better Than Bouillon brand soup base. It's sold in a jar right where the other varieties are. It's actually even better tasting, as the name implies, but it's still really cheap considering you get 9 cartons worth of broth out of one jar of the stuff.


I love the Better Than Bouillon brand. It is great stuff with a wonderfull flavor and it comes in many varietes,, chicken, beef, ham, vegetable, and I think I have even seen it in mushroom flavor. I use it all the time in soups, stews and gravies.


I use bouillon sometimes, but I prefer broth if I have it on hand. It is healthier, generally.

I love your beef stew recipe. It is similar to mine. But I add bay leaf and omit parsley. I will have to give parsley a try next time I make stew. Sometimes I throw in cubed turnip with the potatoes, just for something different.


I love bouillon too, but the sodium content is definitely something to watch out for if you have issues like high blood pressure. I can't add them like I used to, so I roast or grill vegetables to give the stew more flavor. Carrots, onion, and garlic can't be beat. Sometimes I add parsnips, too.

Has anyone tried sage with beef stew? I'm curious as to whether it would work. I love sage, and there's a ton of it i my garden right now.