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Making a makeshfit coal oven whilst camping - advice needed!

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Hi, I'm going camping in a couple of days and had an ambitious idea for a method of slow cooking a leg of lamb in a dutch oven, wanted to run it past someone with a bit more knowledge than I have!

So my basic plan is to emulate one of those on the spot pit ovens, where you dig a hole, add some charcoal from a campfire, put a dutch oven with your meat in, cover in more coal and dirt and leave for the day. However I'm fairly sure I'm not going to be able to dig a hole where I'm going camping, so I had the following idea to achieve the same effect:

1) Arrange logs so that you have a square/round shape a bit bigger than the dutch oven.

2) Place a disposable foil baking tray snugly in the middle.

3) Put a layer of hot charcoal on the bottom, then place the dutch oven with lamb leg on top, in the middle of the baking tray.

4) Fill the sides of the foil tray with charcoal so that it comes up the side of the dutch oven. Place more coal on top and cover the whole thing with foil.

5) Leave to cook

Do you think this would work? Would it be too hot for a slow cook or not insulated enough to cook through properly? And would I need to top up the coal/if so how often. Any advice for my slightly hare brained scheme much appreciated!