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Meat Slicer?



I'd like to get a quality meat slicer like what they have in the delis in grocery stores. Of course I know it won't be exactly the same since those are commercial meat slicers, but I think you guys see what I'm getting at. This will probably be our Christmas present this year so we've got a few hundred to put down on it. What would you recommend?


I have never used an electric meat slicer, but years ago I had a hand operated one and I loved it. I especially liked it to slice left over roast beef for sandwiches. It was nice to be able to have slices all of the same thickness.


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I use this one http://goo.gl/s6S2eI I have had it for a few years and gets used a few times a year. The only thing I do not like is sometimes meat gets stuck at the bottom of the blade. Someone mentioned how to fix it but I forgot.


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Hi, do you know Italian Slicers? They produce slicers in the professional but also domestic sector, so a little for all budgets, take a look.

This is maybe the cheapest:


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