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My Latest Experiment On The Grill



I love to create and experiment with new recipes in general. Sometimes they turn out great and sometimes not so great :D Last weekend I tried something new. I am sure a similar recipe already exists, but it was the first time for me.

I peeled apples and pears, mixed them with some sugar and cinnamon, wrapped them in aluminum foil then I put everything on the grill. After that, I got the fruits out of the aluminum foil, they were all caramelized and delicious, then I put vanilla ice cream on top. It was awesome!


That sounds good Amanda35. I'd love to make that as a topping for pound cake. A little bit of caramel sauce and the family would gobble it up.


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They are really good that way. Next time try using light brown sugar a few pats of butter and maybe add a hand full of nuts. also if ya make like a boat for them to sit in instead of a packet they can pick up some smokey flavor from the grill


They both sound really good Amanda35 and Cappy. I have never really grilled any desserts but there ones sound simple to make and very good. I know my grandchildren would love them! I love coming to this site and finding all these new, yummy things to try. The possibilities are endless when it comes to grilling! :)

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