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Grilled My Spin On Outbacks Alice Springs Chicken


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I posted this on another forum in a thread where I compared a Holland Grill to a Phoenix Grill and then copied it and pasted it here.

**Please note all times and temperatures are for those two types of grills** I have yet to try it on a more traditional gasser, however a good friend of mine has made it on a Weber Genesis cooking it indirect and maintaining temps in the 400-420 deg range with a significant reduction in cooking times due to the way those type of grills cook.

What was not so clear in my original post was that I cooked the boneless/skinless Chicken breast for 20 minute. At that point I take them off the grill and take them inside to add the other stuff. I lay 2 strips of bacon down about 1" apart on a tray and then set the uncooked side (read side that was up on cooking grate) of the chicken on the bacon. Then I add the honey mustard, tapanade and veggie saute to the more cooked side of the chicken (read side that was down during initial 20 minutes). Then everything goes back out on the grill for an additional 20 minutes for total cooking time of 40 minutes.

Below is the copy and paste: I did remove the individual's first name from the copy and paste his screen name though is Richlife.

"First and foremost I am not a fan of Outback and actually come up lame when friends want to go their because I hate their menu. That was until I found Alice Springs Chicken hidden away on their menu as an option. It was pretty easy to figure out what the dish consisted of just eating it. Then went home and searched the internet to confirm my suspicions and about the only thing that was news to me was the honey mustard. Of course I tinker with stuff so had to put my own spin on it.

For seasoning I use:

- Cavenders All purpose Greek seasoning (I use the one in the blue shaker its salt free)
- Trader Joes South African Smoke
- Badia Poultry Seasoning
- Badia Herbes De Provence
**Just use what spices you like**

For Mustard I use:

- Any Cheap Honey Mustard I can find
- I've also played with Millers banana pepper mustard out of PA and Mrs Millers banana pepper mustard out of Ohio. I've become addicted to this stuff its really good me personally I like the one from PA better.

I also add a small plastic spoonfull of Kalamata Olive Tapenade One thing I like about tapenade is that it tastes so good and it comes in multiple flavors, "Sun Dried Tomato", "Roasted Red Pepper", "Green Olive and Onion" the list goes on and on. I'm pretty sure you could used Caponata which adds all the stuff in the listed tapenades but adds eggplant and capers to the mix.

For the veggie saute: Whatever you use don't cook it down until its flavorless. Leave a bit of crunch to it remember it will be going back on the grill for 20 minutes.

- Usually onions, red peppers and a small bit of fresh mushrooms
- The cook the other day my wife forget to buy the peppers and used tomato instead. Other than it being a bit harder to work with when putting together, it tasted great. So will be adding the tomato to the saute mix above for all cooks henceforth.

For the bacon just make sure its of decent quality not a bunch of nasty fat. I think Turkey bacon would be fine if you are adverse to regular bacon.

**Note order of things I do after the first 20 minutes to construct is coat lightly with mustard, add tapenade, then cover breast with sauteed veggies then wrap with bacon.

I have not done this on my Weber (but will give it a go in the future) so all times and temps listed are for a Holland or Phoenix. Besides being great chicken cookers these two grills do a great job on this receipe with the bacon. The bacon turns out perfectly done and not burnt like jerky. I don't need to use tooth picks to keep the bacon wrapped I just overlap the slices a bit. I've never had any stickage to the cooking grate either.

For the cheese I just have been using Sargento "Extra Thin" Colby Jack or Provolone or Smoked Provolone from Harris Teeter can't seem to find the "Extra Thin" anywhere else. Extra Thin in my opinion is the way to go or you end up with an overpowering gooey cheese ball. I have to remember all the time while making this that the chicken breast is the star of the show

I put the cheese on right after the cook time of 40 minutes is complete I then shut the grills off. Add my slice a cheese and let the residual heat melt the cheese. I found removing with a Spatula is the way to go. Or if you used tongs grab the side/edges of the breast".


I usually order the salad at Outback, most of the food is too seasoned and over salted, even the blooming onion. Making my hands and feet swell uncomfortably. As experienced with relatives using Meat Tenderizer MSG. I do like seasonings, like Cavenders and only ground black pepper. Not familiar with the others, assuming the poultry seasoning has sage, maybe rosemary, I have reactions to both. Have you considered Pepper Jack cheese?


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Yes on the pepper jack and it adds a bit a heat along with the Webers Kickin Chicken.

None of the spices I use have MSG and all are low sodium. I use the Cavendars in the blue shaker vice the yellow its low sodium. The Badia poultry seasoning does not have sage nor rosemary so you should be safe and it is MSG free.

Like you not a big fan of outback but I have to admit I do like their Alice Springs chicken thats why I put my own spin on it. Hope you give it a try.


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Snowbird season is winding down and everyone is packing up to head home. With that in mind the small group of friends got together last night and had a pot luck.
I made some of the chicken like I posted above and had a request from one couple to add some chili's to this.

Thought about that for a while and then remembered Aldi sold an item called "Texas Caviar" made by Casa Mamita which I guess is Aldi house brand. It has at least 3 types of chili's, tomato, onion, corn, black beans, lime juice and more.

Stuff definetly added some heat and smokiness from the chipotles. The couple that requested it said it had right amount of heat.

So I guess I have found a new spin on my spin of Alice Springs Chicken.


Pepper jack is great to add flavor, chipotles are great too. ;)