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NBC Nightly News story about cast iron



This aired a couple days ago and I thought you might like to see it in case you missed it. They talked with the owner of Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, which is currently growing very quickly, and expanding their plant.

I wonder if this increase in popularity will bring out new manufacturers. Lodge is the only cast iron cookware maker in the US. I was drooling over the items in the store. I wish we had a Lodge store here.

Cast Iron Skillet's Popularity Soars


I imagine that this will become more popular overtime as the foodie culture doesn't seem to be going anywhere. In my area, there is a BBQ/grilling show or competition almost every weekend. Not to mention the 5-7 shows that are dedicated to outdoor cooking, especially since people are finding new ways to cook American classics, like meatloaf, on the grill.


I've had a couple of Lodge cast iron pans, but to be honest, could not get into using them all that much. I had a standard one and their "grill" pan. The grill pan in particular was very hard to keep clean. I would have to break out a metal brush and scrub the crap out of it, and even then I could not get all the blackened burnt bits off of it or out of the grooves. Yes it made great grill marks, but it wasn't worth the hassle to break it out most of the time. Also, no matter how much I "seasoned" it with oil after cleaning it, it would still develop rustiness on the surface. The other thing that was frustrating is that you have to let them cool down on their own for quite a while before you can handle them to clean them, which left my place smelling of the food I just cooked.

The Freshness