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Need Help with Deep Frying Ham!!!



Hey, ya I am a newbie to this deep frying thing. I decided to sign up for the turkey and ham for Thanksgiving. I planned on trying to deep fry the turkey, and also want to deep fry the precooked ham. I am confused about the ham, and need advice. I was told that I could put the ham into the oil right after I pull the turkey out, and get good flavor and only need about 10 mins to let it fry. They said it would crispen the outter skin, and get the inside temp to a warm, pleasant temp. I also heard you have to fry it for 5mins a pound, making sure the internal temp is 160. I am hoping the first way is the right way. I dont want to waste time on also frying the ham if its going to take that long. I just wouldnt think that a pre cooked ham would need to get to 160, since its already cooked??


I've never heard of deep frying a ham. I always put mine in the oven till it's warmed through and through. Please let us know how this turns out. Post pictures if you can. :)


I have never heard of this either. I bet it would be good though with the nice crispy outside and warm and juicy inside. I am drooling just thinking of it. Ham is my favorite thing. I wouldn't think you would have to cook it all that long since it is already precooked. You would just want to more or less make sure it is warm all the way through. Since it is Thanksgiving today I am sure you have it all figured out! Be sure to let us know how it goes I am interested to hear about it.