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New, need some advice


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Hey all, I am new to this forum but not new to barbecue. I have been grilling and most recently (4 years) doing low and slow barbecue as a passion and hobby. I have had a couple different smokers. The WSM got me into low and slow and i liked it but wanted something “easier” I guess. That being said, two yers later I sit with a traeager, which i love, however.....

I want something else. I like acquiring hear, things in general and I do not want to part ways with the traeger but want to add to it. I am debating between a drum smoker (pit barrel cooker or gateway drum possible (open to other suggestions) OR OR OR possibly going all in ant getting a stick burner.

I have done a little homework but need help. I have replied I do not want to go cheap and get an Oklahoma joe, char grilled etc, not really looking to spend less than $500ish and get a piece of junk. I would rather spend a bit more (not talking 2000-4000) and get something that will last, is better quality and can maintain heat and make it worth my while. I prefer slide out cooking grates for sure. I have looked at briefly the Yoder offsets, lonestar grillz. I am sure there are sooooo many more.

Can you guys help me out and recommend something in that 700-1900 range That will make me happy?


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Man after my own heart.
- For drums do not forget about Hunsaker they make a good rig. I have had both the Gateway and Hunsaker and prefer the Hunsaker. Definitely get out of it cheaper with a PBC.
- M-Grills make some nice offerings. Meadow Creek has some nice offerings though this particular offering by them is not what you are looking for BUT thete chicken flipper grill is the bomb.
- Have you thought about an Assassin Gravity Fed. Bit more than you want to spend but bullet proof.
- How about a KBQ C-60 "Karubecue". Definitely a splt burner.