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Pomegranate Molasses & Aleppo Pepper



A recent recipe on the FoodWishes blog calls for a sauce made with Pomegranate Molases and Aleppo Pepper (among other ingredients).


This sounds delicious, though I am not entirely sure what the Aleppo pepper tastes like, but Pomegranate kind of reminds me of black cherries, and the flavor sounds very interesting with some type of chili. He describes it as being medium in heat.

I've never seen either product in my grocery store, so I may have to order them from Amazon instead.

Have any of you cooked with either? And if so, your thoughts?


I've never cooked with Aleppo peppers. This also sounds like it would be good with pork. I think I'd really like to smother some pork chops with it! If you have any ethnic food stores around, you may find it there.