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Remote thermometer recommendation for gas grill


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I have an old remote thermometer (which I love it being remote) but I have always had problems with it connecting and staying connected in the house, even when I am right inside the house about 15 feet away from the grill. It is time for an upgrade anyways and I would like one with multiple probes for different meats and also to use for ambient temperature. I have a Weber Genesis so of course I was looking into the igrill 3, but I guess all the compatibility means on the grill is a place to mount the thermometer. I have read some things where the range is not that great, and I can't tell if having it on your phone is a good thing or not. I suppose it would be if it worked from a farther distance, and also to have more options, information, etc. but I have no experience with that. So what thermometers do you guys like with multiple probes where it will work if I wander around the house? A Weber igrill 3 or some other standalone model?


I have owned several. My favorite is the Weber one. It allows up to 4 probes. The app is among the best and includes the normal stuff, but a more detailed understanding of meat temps to get exactly what you are cooking right. I also own the probe that measures the temp in the grill too.


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The WiFi ones never worked for me and I’ve been through a ton of the RF ones. The last one I bought I really like, it’s made well, accommodates 4 probes and comes with a case and probe racks to store. The biggest problem I’ve had are broken probes, so the case is nice. It’s on Amazon, the Taimasi brand. Other than that, also keep around an instant read thermometer for grilling since the heat can wear the probes down if you are not smoking meat.


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I have a ThermPro TP-08S that has worked very well for me. It has 2 probes, one for the grill and one for the food. It was relatively inexpensive, less than 50. If I were to do it again, I would consider going a bit more upscale and get one from Thermoworks. This company has many recommendations from America's Test Kitchen.

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