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Review- Cabela's 80 Liter Commercial Food Dehydrator


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Stock Photo vs. In our Kitchen

Cabela’s 80 Liter Commerical Food Dehydrator
4 out of 5 Stars
Cost at time of purchase
: Mid $300 Range? (Can’t remember exactly)
Ownership Length: 5 years

My wife and I on our wedding anniversary go in and buy something we both want every year instead of exchanging gifts. In 2016, we decided to purchase the 80 Liter Cabela’s Commerical Food Dehydrator to support our families insashable appetite for home made beef jerky.

Cabela’s did make a 160 liter version, but at that size it would be the size of the refrigerator, so we opted for the half pint sized version, which still takes up alot of value real estate in the kitchen, but for us was far more managable.

I can easily dehydrate about 15-20 pounds worth of beef jerky in a single run with this machine. Its performs excellent and is pretty well built. It is a bit noisy (but hey its a "commercial grade” machine) but the only reason I cannot give it 5 stars is because of the door. The door (right out of the box) didn’t seal completely, so we are always forced to tape the door closed in order to get a complete seal. Sounds like more trouble than it actually is, but at this price point I really shouldn’t have to do anything.

Overall, an excellent purchase that we don’t regret one bit. My family uses it all the time and its preforms wonderfully. I did have to purchase a stand for it live on, as you could put it on your countertop, but it would take up alot of room.

Last year, for our anniversary we purchased a 10 gallon Moonshine Still. I can do a second product review on that if there is interest.