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Roasted Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers In Oil



This is a simple recipe, and its much cheaper than buying them already made in the olive bar at your local grocery store. Plus you can control the heat level by blending them with other peppers.

There aren't specific amounts for this recipe either, since it's all to taste. Also, keep in mind that the peppers will shrink down while cooking, so what may look like a lot in the beginning will cook down to a much smaller amount.

Just get a bunch of Hungarian Hot Peppers (also known as Wax Peppers) and cut the tops off and seed them. It helps to run them under water to flush out the seeds. Then cut them into rings and toss them into a deep baking pan (I use a bread pan). Cover tightly with aluminum foil and bake the peppers for about 30-40 min, just until they give off some moisture and start to soften a bit. You don't need to cook them all the way until they are completely soft because the salt we season them with later on will break down the peppers even further.

Once done roasting, transfer the peppers to a few sheets of paper towel and blot them dry. This step is important otherwise you will wind up with really bland tasting peppers.

Then, while they are still warm, dress them with canola oil (or olive oil), and add a very generous amount of sliced fresh garlic, sea salt to taste, and some dried oregano. Ideally you will want to make these several hours in advance or let them marinate for at least a day, for the flavors to all blend.

You can add a little splash of vinegar if you like, but I prefer them just in oil. Also, consider blending the hot wax peppers with some sweeter long red peppers for extra color.

These pepper are great chilled on a crusty loaf of Italian bread, with some Gorgonzola cheese. I also love them on lunch meat sandwiches (they're great with salami) or even on burgers.

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