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Salmon Stew



My family grew up eating salmon stew but we haven't had it in a long time. Last night, hubby decided he wanted some and made it all by himself. He did a great job and it was delicious. It was a good meal on a cold, cold night.


We eat salmon once a week, but it's always broiled in the oven. I haven't heard of salmon stew before. We grew up eating fish, but we never had fish stews for some reason. I think it's all in what you're brought up with.


I haven't tried salmon stew, either, but it does sound comforting on a cold night. We usually have our salmon grilled or baked. I think it would be nice if you shared your salmon stew recipe so we can try it out. ;)


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We eat lots fo fish down here in Cajun coun try but salmon aint one of them. Try this trick when making your fish stews and chowders. Smoke the fish on a smokey pit first. This can be done way in advance frozen and used to make quick gravies. The smoked fish does wonderful things to soups and chowders. Every time we bbq fish we do plenty extra for that purpose.


I have to admit that there is something about the idea of any kind of fish stew that doesn't appeal to me at all. Now, I have had she crab soup, and that is delicious. But salmon stew doesn't sound right to me. Maybe if I saw it and tried it I would get it. I do love salmon, cooked other ways.

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