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Shrimp and Fries



I was just looking through the forums and I noticed this forum did not have anything threads yet so hear goes my first recipe thread. :)
10 to 12 Fresh Jumbo Shrimp
Fish Fry or Cajun Fix Fry Mix
Electric Deep Fryer
2 Potatoes
Lemon Pepper(optional)
3 Bowls 1 filled with luke water, 1 filled with the fry mix, and the last empty.
Knive, 2 Cutting Boards, Peeler and Wavy Knive for Crinkle Fries.

First thing you want to do is place the shrimp in the empty bowl.
Butterfly the Shrimp one at a time, devein them, and place them in the bowl with water.
Once you have completed this first step take a few seconds to clean up any mess that may be in your cooking or preparation area.
Turn on the Deep Fryer.
Now take the shrimp and dip them individually in the fry mix bowl making sure that each one is coated. You can either place the coated shrimp in the Deep Fryer, leave them in the bowl, or place them on the secondary cutting board.
Once each Shrimp has been coated you can place them in the deep fryer for a maximum for 3 to 5 minutes or until golden brown.
While that is cooking peel the potatoes and cut them into slices or use the Crinkle Knive for crinkly fries.
Remove all Shrimp from the Deep Fryer as they should be done by now.

Place the fries into the fryer for about 6 to 8 minutes.
Remove from the fryer and serve to family. :)
Optional: Sprinkle Lemon Pepper on the Fries for a seasoned kind of taste.


Whoa! Thanks for sharing this. I like the combination of seafood and fries. We'll definitely try it this weekend! Do you have any alternatives for Fish Fry or Cajun Fix Fry Mix?


I like seasoned bread crumbs. Just add cajun spices if you want it spicy. I like to dip em in buttermilk then bread crumbs. Sometimes though I prefer a beer batter or tempura batter . It depends on what we are eating them with and what sauce.


Cool. Bread crumbs and buttermilk will surely be a hit for this recipe. I'll skip the cajun spices for now. Thanks again!


I've been looking for another fried shrimp recipe for a while. I don't really eat much shrimp nowadays. When I do eat it, I usually have to grill it because a lot of my relatives like grilled shrimp. As far as the fries are concerned, I would put both lemon pepper and seasoned salt on them and of course a little black pepper.


Shrimp and fries - that sounds like an interesting combination! Although shrimp is pretty much the only seafood I like, I tend to associate fries with burgers more, so I don't know if that would mess up the flavors.


This is a really good combination especially for seafood lovers! But for me, I always prefer seafood platters. Besides shrimp, I also use squid rings, fish fillets and also scallops. The same batter can be used for all the proteins and fries so it's really convenient to make a large platter for the family lunch! Prepare different dips to go with the foods such as home made salsa sauce, mayonnaise for those who like rich tastes and tartar sauce for those who prefer a little twang!


This sounds like a real treat. I love fish and fries, my favorite is cod covered in a light beer batter and oven roasted fries. I've never tried Cajun style prawns with fries, I think it would be a good combination. Ideal for the barbecue season, I'll have to try this in the next few weeks.


I believe I have a similar shrimp recipe. I make the batter from scratch though. I usually mix flour, baking powder, eggs, garlic powder, salt and pepper to season.