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Tea Maker



I just purchased a Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and really like it. It's quite simple to use and only cost $20 compared to several others that I saw. You can use loose tea or tea bags. I've never had one before and am enjoying using it. :)


Iced tea is one of my favorite beverages, but I don't use an iced tea maker. I don't actually have one. :) I will check it out and maybe buy one for me or for a cousin who loves iced tea as well. I think she would love to receive a tea maker on her birthday.


I have looked at buying one in the past, but don't make enough tea for it to be worth the money. How does it compare to just bringing the water to a boil and pouring it over the teabags?


We got one of those for a wedding gift. It made a full pitcher of iced tea. It was not something I would ever have thought to purchase, but we used it for years until it wore out. I would put the sugar in the pitcher and let the hot tea flow over it. Then stir and add cold water and ice. It is not a lot harder to make it in a pot, but the appliance was handy and helped me get in the habit of making sweet tea for a husband who loved having it on hand.


I'm confused, but maybe that's because I usually just heat up some water in the microwave. Does it make hot or cold tea, or both?


It's time to buy a new 2 quart stovetop tea kettle, but this is proving to be more complicated than I ever thought. From reading reviews (mostly the negative ones) on Amazon, it appears that, within a short time, many of the supposedly stainless steel ones rust, suggesting that they are not actually made of stainless steel. It also appears that many of the enameled ones are particularly popular in Korea, within a short period, both rust and flake. Plastic parts (the whistle) seem to melt on some, and on others handles get very hot.

Has anyone bought a stovetop tea kettle recently that has performed well?