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True all-gas combo grill/smoker?



Morning, all -

My tried-and-true grill of, well, let's just say "a lot" of years has finally bucked the kicket, so I'm in the market for something new. What I'd love to find is a true all-gas combination grill/smoker, but all the combos I seem to find are dual-fuel jobbies that are really just a gas grill bolted onto the side of a charcoal offset cooker. That ain't gonna cut it. If I wanted to putz around with charcoal, I'd just buy a daggum charcoal grill.

Does anyone - ANYONE - manufacture a combination grill/smoker that uses LP to fire both the grill and the smoke box? Does such a monster exist? If they're not manufactured, has anyone here built such a thing?

(And let me just say I've been very impressed by the level of civility and helpfulness I've witnessed on this forum in my little bit of browsing so far. On other forums, my question has largely been met by a resounding chorus of "You want to use GAS to fire a SMOKER?!?! Begone, knave, and darken our door no more!" That's neither helpful nor wanted - I wants what I wants; don't try and bring me over to the dark side.)


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Cant think of anything like you are looking for off the top of my head other than what you may see at a big box calling the grill a "Combo".
Have you thought about just shopping for a decent gas grill. Read one with fairly good temp control across the cooking grate. Then add a smoke generator or smokin tube to the mix.
My neighbor uses a smoke generator on his gasser and gets pretty darn good results.