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We barbecue because we love it



Although I am the only one in this city, with no family stay with me here.and cook things just for myself is too troublesome,I still love to cook delicious food. For me, because life is present, in this moment.

As a single young lady,I usually like to barbecue with my friends, but also cook something that I loved, such as cakes.


My wife and I enjoy all types of cooking so BBQ part of our "repertoire". Sunday night is "steak night" so whenever weather permits, the grill is fired up. Like to grill veggies, sweet potatoes as side dish.

Our BBQ is on deck right outside family room so very convenient.


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I live in the deep south and for me its always cook out side weather we BBQ, smoke, grill almost year around. Cooking out side is alot of what we do. This time of year is wonderful cause every one is boiling crawfish and seafood out side. On weekends te whole neighborhood smells good. It's just me and the wife now but we often ligt the pit or a propane burner ad cook outside just for the fun of it.

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