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Weber on Sale - Good Deal?


New Member
My local Ace has a Weber Genesis II E-325 marked down on manager’s special for $699 + tax. Looks to be pristine. Should I jump on this deal? I only know charcoal, but my house has a natural gas line plumbed to the backyard and I’d like to take advantage. I also can’t find much on this particular model


Active Member
I have a 1997 Weber Genesis that looks as good as the day I brought it home.
So I would jump on eat with the caveat that it is a NG grill which then would allow you to hook up to your line.
Sign up for your ACE rewards before purchase to get your points etc.


New Member
Yes, I highly recommend weber grill over any other brands. It's expensive then others but it's worth. I'm using it in my restaurant and it's work like charm! There's lots of good features in weber like temperature control, durable and quality material used in built. ;)