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What are some tips to add smoke to a gas grill?


It depends as usual. Are you looking to smoke brisket, chicken etc. or are you looking to smoke fresh fish and cheese?

For the first we are talking about "hot" smoking which you will need a smoker box.

For the second we are talking about "cold" smoking which will require a smoke tube.

The flavor you get depends on the food you are infusing, the time it is infused and the wood chosen.

For example a brisket for 12 hours with hickory chips is awesome. But replacing the brisket with cheese would be a stupid mess.

Certain meats with certain woods work well together. There is a lot to learn just about this.

My recommendation is to start by seeing online how people use foil to make smokeboxes. Then start with chicken or pork chops to learn about time, temps and wood.

The Freshness