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What is your favorite coffee recipe?


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Hi! I'm a coffee lover since my childhood. My favorite coffee is New Orleans coffee, it's easy to brew at home. You can make it with basic drip-ground coffee, plus chicory, a dried herb that gives this brew its signature chocolate caramel flavor, intensely dark color, and thick consistency. It's a pleasure in every sip
What is your favorite recipe or place?


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Hey, thx for the recipe. As a latte fan I'm interested is it possible to add chicory in latte? Btw, I don't like "professional" equipment, good Italian beans, fresh milk and my old school Keurig are enough!
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I bought a percolator coffee maker for my mom at Christmas last year. She was still using the same one she had from the 1970s and that thing was going to catch on fire soon. Anyway she loves this new percolator and everyone raves about the coffee when she has company over. I would get a percolator that has the little glass bubble on top where you can see the coffee bubble up. It adds to the drama of coffee making, LOL.