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What's Your Favorite Condiment?


Diane Lane

I used to buy a lot of specialty condiments for specific recipes, but then ended up throwing them out when they weren't used after that dish had been cooked and eaten. I don't have a lot of money these days, and don't like to waste what I do have, so I have cut back significantly on the condiments I purchase.

Two that I almost always have on hand are mustard and ketchup. I use mustard on a lot of things including hamburgers and hot dogs, but I don't use ketchup on them. I do, however, use ketchup a lot in cooking, because it's a good topping for various foods, and I also use it as the base of homemade barbecue sauce. I sometimes purchase bottles of barbecue sauce, but I don't use it that often, so sometimes it gets gloopy, and I end up throwing it out and making my own.

What about y'all, what is your favorite condiment? Can you limit it to just one, or do you like a variety?


I cannot limit my favorite condiment just to one, it depends a lot on the dishes, that's what brings flavor into them.


My favorite condiment is honey mustard. I put in on everything. I love it. I also like the sweet and hot mustard even though I am not a fan of yellow mustard.


I lоvе this stuff sо muсh. Bе it rеd pеstо with sundriеd tоmаtоеs оr rеd pеppеrs, grееn pеstо with lоts оf bаsil, hоmеmаdе оr shоp bоught. It's еаsy tо mаkе аnd thеrе аrе sо mаny соmbinаtiоns yоu саn mаkе with diffеrеnt typеs оf nuts (likе саshеw, wаlnuts, аlmоnds), diffеrеnt сhееsеs аnd hеrbs. It's аmаzing with sаlmоn, сhiсkеn, stirrеd intо frеsh pаstа/riсе/gnоссi, in sаndwiсhеs, in risоttо, mаkеs а grеаt sаuсе mixеd with сrеаm сhееsе, yоu саn drizzlе it оvеr а pizzа, sprеаd оn brusсhеttа, hаvе in а sаlаd with mоzzаrеllа аnd tоmаtо.....оh, аnd I likе it in sсrаmblеd еggs tоо.


Pesto is really good too, a lot of condiments that I love to be honest.

Sharry Shorisuperstore

for me the basic ingridients of synthetic flavoring is MSG. and mixed with other spices like garlic...If you are familiar with maggi bbq sauce...It is for me a one size fits all, I used in chopsuey, to fried rice etc


Active Member
Cajun hot sauce!! most any flavor including home made. We seldom eat with out it on the table and when we travel or eat out we bring it with us. I have a bottle of crystal hot sauce in my messenger bag and one in the glove box of the suv.

The Freshness