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Which mistakes should a beginner avoid in cooking using a grill?


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I think the first thing I learned to avoid in the beginning was adding the sauce to the chicken too early. I had to learn to save saucing the chicken until the last few minutes. Otherwise the sugar gets burnt and tastes bitter.

What tips would you give a new griller?


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My advice would be you are going to mess up. Mistakes happen. Food will sometimes cook quicker then you want, or take longer, much longer. Relax, we all started somewhere.

Before putting on party, practice a few times the meat you want to cook. Do not try something like a turkey on the smoker for Thanksgiving if you have never done one. Practice. Also, experiment. Try different rubs, different wood. Once you got your rub, injection, wood, flavor down, practice some more. That is the great thing about this. You can practice and enjoy eating the practice attempts.

And some find having a journal helps. Write down everything you did for the cook, take notes.


I cannot echo Jason's wisdom loudly enough.

I have been "grilling" or "BBQing" for nearly 50 years and am an amateur.

I hate baking. That is what my wife does. She follows a specific recipe to create the exact same thing every time.

Do not get me wrong, I love what she produces and am the recipient of it.

But it lacks creativity and fun. She tells me she hates it and only does it because everyone loves what she makes. She cannot comprehend what I cook, but loves some of it.

What we do with fire is more art than science, and more fun than process.

So here is the old fart's advice. Start simple. Use the scientific method to learn what works, what does not work, what you like, and what you don't.

What is great is the Internet. Read learn, watch YouTube and you will learn way more, way faster.

Try. Experiment. Have fun.

But never when the meal determines whether she will get lucky.

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