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Which vacuum sealer would you recommend?


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My Weston vacuum sealer has been with me for a long time but it's time for a new one. Should I replace it with another Weston? I use FoodVacBags vacuum sealer bags and love them! I've been told they work with any vacuum sealer so now I'm on the hunt for a new machine. I'd love your opinions. Thanks.


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I am in the same situation; the device that has been with me for several years has broken down. I have no idea where to order them, as they say everywhere that they often break down quickly, and I would not want just to give a thousand dollars for a low-quality product. I sell organic products from my parent's farm, and often the packaging requires vacuum insulation, so I need to find this device as soon as possible so as not to delay the business too much. I order the packages themselves at thebagbroker.ae since I like their quality and design. I hope someone here can advise us on good sites where you can buy this thing
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I got a Foodsaver from Costco, had it about 3-4 years and I'm pretty happy with it. Think I paid around $90 bucks for it.


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