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Why dо mеn likе tо BBQ?



I'm prоbаbly nоt thе usuаl BBQеr. But I саn сеrtаinly еxtеnd it tо inсludе grilling, whiсh is whаt mаny "mеn" stеrеоtypiсаlly dо.
I dеfinе BBQ аs lоw-tеmpеrаturе slоw smоking with indirесt hеаt. GRILLING is fаst, hоt сооking оvеr dirесt hеаt
I сооk in thе kitсhеn, nоt just in а smоkеr оr оn а grill; I viеw livе firе сооking аs just аnоthеr sеt оf сооking mеthоds:
- Smоking impаrts smоkе flаvоr, slоwly brеаking dоwn prоtеins, соllаgеn, аnd mеlting fаt
- Grilling саn bring highеr hеаt thаn is typiсаlly pоssiblе оn а stоvе, аllоwing sеаring аnd сhаrring in а wаy thаt pаn оr оvеn сооking typiсаlly саnnоt
I сооk mоrе thаn mеаt оn а grill оr in а smоkеr, sо it is nоt just аbоut thе rаw mеаt. Vеggiеs аrе grеаt, аnd I smоkе hаbаnеrоs tо mаkе а vеry tаsty pоwеr. Hесk, I еvеn mаkе smоkеd sаlt.
I dоn't hаvе а mасhо nееd tо displаy аbilitiеs with firе.
But, оf соursе: Firе, gооd.
Whаt is yоur оpiniоn?


I'm new to the whole thing but I like it because of the outdoors factor and I don't like being in the kitchen. I am starting to experiment with veggies. Yesterday I smoked a chicken and it was a long process. Afterward it tasted so good it was worth the time invested and time spent in the 96 degree heat. So the reward is another reason I like it, I guess. I must say I am intrigued by smoked salt.


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While you can mimic some of the processes inside, there is just something about cooking outdoors with fire and smoke. Then again it does not hurt that I am outdoors which I enjoy even in the heat down here. It is nice to watch the kids in the pool, the smoker or grill going, some music and a nice cool drink.

I also cook more then just meat. Veggies and fruit can also be put on grates.


I have been married for more than 50 years. My wife cooks. She follows recipes. She does what is necessary to provide an acceptable result, with minimum effort and in the required time.

I am old and have always hated recipes, but liked to cook.

As a kid we hunted the woods and picked what vegetation was edible to eat and add to make a meal over an open fire. That is real food.

I hunt and we have a large garden. She uses her favorites from it to make her food taste better.

I do the cooking 5 days of the week. We eat out 1. And she cooks 1.

We live in Nebraska and have a FULL 4 seasons. While I cook on open flame or coal, most of what I do in recent years outside is over my trusty gas Weber grill.

Outdoors makes lost of sense, unless you are in the middle of a blizzard or tornado.

While my brother claims to grill (BBQ, etc) more than 300 days a year, I live here and we have to resort to learning to cook in the factory too.

In the end, while I will never follow a recipe and prefer to trust my God given taste buds, there are times when it is more convenient and easy to just be a factory worker doing what the Man says.

I cannot even comprehend the baking, but thankfully she is happy to be a factory drone so I get the best apple pie ever.


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I think that men like not only to have a barbecue but also to cook because it is a real food for gentlemen. I really like to cook barbecue not only on the grill but also in the oven in the kitchen. This is very convenient and incredibly delicious, especially if you add different seasonings or spices from different interesting stores, for example, bbq sauce that I have never seen before . If you use the right spices when smoking beef it will turn out so delicious that the smell will attract even neighbors to your house.


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I think is because it is in our genes, since the stone era, since men create the fire, then hunt for dinner and then cook dinner on the fire :)
I grew up in the South and have been raised on barbeque my whole life! When you're constantly going to delicious barbeque restaurants it's easy to really enjoy it and want to pick it up on your own, or at least it was for me


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I don't know why in general men like barbecue, but for me, it is a relaxing activity, and of course I love to eat what I grill!


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I like grilling. Smoking it myself or enjoying it is one of the best activities. It covers everyone.

Smoking a brisket, pork shoulder, or ribs teaches me something about the way meat cooks during the hours at a constant temperature. Beef and pork require the right amount of time and temperature. However, once you have the foundations on the ground you can improve.
Perfect answer to this question! :)

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