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10 DIY Winter Wreath Ideas For Your Front Door

While you can decorate your entryway with wreaths year-round, there’s something special about doing it during the holiday season. A welcoming, decorative visual at the front of your home share a glimpse into your personality. So why not make your front door wreath something unique and beautiful?

However, it can be hard to come up with ideas that feel true to you. Fortunately, you’ll find ten styles below that range in poise and design. The best part? They’re all DIY for that extra special touch!

Bells and Whistles

Whether you go all out for holiday decor or like to keep things sweet and simple, you can’t go wrong with a classic green wreath. Carefully cut branches from a pine tree, get a wreath base and some wire, and that’s all you’ll need. If you’d like to spruce things up a bit, add a pretty glittery ribbon and large, dangling bells to the wreath.

You can keep it minimal and stop here, or add extra greenery around your front door, decorating with pine cones, more bells, and tree ornaments.

Frosted and Flocked

Want something rustic and traditional with a touch of color? Find a grapevine wreath at the craft store for a more rustic touch, and decorate one side with a collection of pine branches, winter berries, and pine cones. Whether you opt for artificial or real decorations is up to you!

Finally, add a layer of flocking spray for a frosted finish. It is perfect if you live somewhere with little snowfall, adding that icy and wintery feel to your front door makes it!

Festive Farmhouse

If your home leans farmhouse, you may stray away from classic holiday decor. But, you can still bring the festivities home! Start with a grapevine wreath and dried or artificial leaves or buds from a cotton plant.

You can also create your own “welcome” sign with a bit of white paint and a scrap piece of wood. Top with a layer of burlap and gingham fabric bows for that rustic farmhouse touch.

Holly Jolly Christmas

Berries and greenery are popular choices for holiday decor for many reasons. The contrasting colors are an ode to Christmas, bringing about those warm and fuzzy feelings throughout the winter. 

For this wreath, you’ll need some clippings from a cedar tree in different lengths and stems of berries from any winter bush in your backyard. Attach them to the wreath base using hot glue, placing them carefully to create dimension and texture.

Simple and Elegant

If you want to keep things light and airy at your front door, opt for something more elegant. You’ll need a wreath base, white or light-colored yarn, flocked pine, and gold ribbon.

Start by creating three thick braids out of the yarn and gluing them together. Attach this to the wreath base adding pine and ribbon, tied into bows, at the bottom.

Festive Florals

Whether you live somewhere cool or warm, you can create a bright and colorful winter wreath using faux florals. It’s no surprise that this is incredibly easy to make yourself with a bunch of faux flowers of your choice and a wreath wire.

You can snip them apart and thoughtfully place the foliage and buds around the wreath for a flourishing look. Plus, you can choose any color to suit your home and the holidays.

Candy Cane Wreath

Want to bring the sweetness of the winter holidays to life? With a few present bows in colors of your choice (though red and white are perfect for the classic candy cane) and cardboard, you can!

Start by cutting the cardboard into the shape of a candy cane. Then, attach the present bows with glue. Lay the colors in a diagonal line to resemble the stripes of a candy cane.


Elegance and minimalism are easy to achieve with a front door wreath. A simple wire wreath base, an eclectic collection of greens, two faux white roses, a piece of white ribbon tied into a bow, and pine cones in different shapes and sizes, will create a refined and tasteful design.

Place the ribbon at the very top of the wreath and gather the greenery at the bottom. Layer in pine cones, placing the largest one in the center and two large faux roses at either side of the pine cone. Attach it to the door, and that’s it!

Everlasting Snowflake

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Bring the snow to your front door with this whimsical winter wreath. Grab a wreath base, white tulle, battery-operated Christmas lights, and a few decorative snowflakes.

Cut the tulle into rectangles long enough to tie around the base, with some extra room to create a fluffy, snowflake-like shape. Wrap the wreath in Christmas lights and glue a few snowflakes to the bottom for an extra wintery touch.

Put a Bow on It

Wreaths don’t always have to be round! You can add height to your entryway with a vertical wreath. This design is incredibly simple since all you need to do is gather a few pieces of greenery in different lengths.

Tie them together at the base of each branch with a piece of twine or glittery ribbon, and add a few pine cones and Christmas ornaments throughout.

Wreathing You Happy Holidays!

These winter wreaths are super easy to DIY. From light and airy designs to classic to holiday-themed, you can make each style your own. Whether you want to stage them for the holidays or enjoy them all winter long, they’re unique and beautiful enough to pull out year after year.

Do you have any winter wreath ideas? Share in the comments below!