71 Front Porch Designs And Ideas For Breathtaking Entryways
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39 Front Porch Designs And Ideas For Breathtaking Entryways

Our homes are generally a place we take pride in, and nothing welcomes guests like a well-designed front porch. Since it is the first thing anyone sees of your house, how it is perceived from the roadside, as well as by approaching guests, is a detail that can be worrisome to the gracious hostess or host. 

The design of your surrounding landscape should take into account the structure, size, and look of your porch and entryway so that one complements the other in a beautiful dance of outdoor harmony. It may also serve as a place of entertainment or relaxation and should reflect a little bit about the homeowners’ taste in decor. 

If you have struggled with ideas for your front porch or need an upgrade and are looking for front porch remodeling ideas, check out the following to fit any house style.

Front Porch Designs for Small Houses

1. Welcoming Comfort

Image credits: Robin Jonathan Deutsch via Unsplash

Just enough privacy and just enough welcome are balanced on this small porch dominated by a framed and contrasted doorway. Comfortable seating makes it a perfect spot to sit and watch life go by, but without an unhindered view by neighborhood passersby.

2. Open Entryway

Image credits: Ian MacDonald via Unsplash

This wide porch that spans the width of the house draws you in with its simple decor and pops of vegetative color. A comfortable settle provides the perfect touch as a show of relaxation and invitation.

3. Old School Walkup

Image credits: Ian MacDonald via Unsplash

This small countryside home is painted to look a bit like a charming one-room schoolhouse, complete with a small front porch with just enough room to take a break upon. Outlining paint trim provides the perfect eclectic appeal.

Front Porch Designs for Ranch Homes

Long, low, one-story ranch homes are known for their big porches and rustic appeal. Often much of that porch space go to waste, however, due to the sizes of many of them. Whether you have a large area or one more manageable, the following ideas are sure to provide enough fodder for a one-of-a-kind look you will enjoy.

1. Simple Solutions

Entrance to a ranch home exterior
Image credits: DAPA Images via Canva

Sometimes more means less, and in the case of this rather imposing entryway, the owners have let the simple choice of colors found in the architecture and landscaping provide all the simple designs they need.

2. Long Grained

Image credits: James Garcia via Unsplash

If you’re looking for a wood front porch idea, here’s one. The wooden boards, their colors, and placement provide all the detail this open porch needs to provide a warm and inviting place to step onto. The perpendicular lines and subtle natural hues draw the eye to where you want to be.

3. Inviting Exteriors

Image credits: Rebekah Blocker via Unsplash

This long ranch porch provides multiple entryways to a private sitting area that gives you a view of the surrounding landscape. Well-placed shrubs create a natural screen without dominating the effect.

4. Contemporary Country

Ranch porch overlooking horse stables
Image credits: DAPA Images via Canva

This elegant country home shares a classic look with more aged brickwork siding all brought together by a ranch-style porch. Simple sitting areas and well-manicured landscaping don’t distract by the welcoming French doorways.

5. Concrete Solution

Entrance concrete floor porch with columns
Image credits: irina88w via Canva

If you’re looking for concrete porch ideas, this lifted patio serves well as a deck complete with long narrow steps and classic brick trim. An in-built grill combined with the mixing and matching of natural wooden hues will provide a warm, comforting feel to relax within.

Front Porch Designs for Brick Houses

Brick homes always have a sort of rustic, old-fashioned appeal, but that doesn’t mean your entryway has to reflect that- unless you want it to. Porches framed by brick architecture provide the perfect contrast to make your choice of landscaping decorating ‘pop’ and be the talk of the neighborhood.

1. Color by Numbers

Image credits: ArtisticOperations via Pixabay

This old-fashioned estate looks like something out of a relaxing coloring book, complete with well-defined lines to color by. Complimentary color choices make the light brickwork pop and allow the natural stone to lead visitors up the front steps into the welcoming porch.

2. Level Ground

Image credits: GaryAlvis via Canva

A porch doesn’t have to be defined by a raised area. Instead, a porch can be any sort of entryway you choose into your home. This level patio porch provides uninterrupted views of beautiful full-length windows that frame the front door- providing a welcoming entryway.

3. Simple Seating

Image credits: Jon Tyson via Unsplash

This pretty little porch is provided some privacy by the surrounding front garden. Wrought iron porch railings set into the brick columns give it just enough country charm no matter where it’s local.

4. Stately Columns

Image credits: Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. via Unsplash

Contrasting columns and an overhanging covered porch provide a picture-perfect frame to the doorway. The brick design area is served well by color opposites that bring out the many shades of color used in the brickwork itself.

5. Elegant Outdoors

Brick Fireplace
Image credits: stevecoleimages via Canva

Your porch doesn’t only have to be an entryway for your guests, it can definitely take on the role of outdoor living space, complete with fireplace and eclectic lighting. This beautifully laid brick porch provides both for your enjoyment.

Modern Front Porch Decor

Front porch designs should match the inside and give your visitors a taste of your overall design ideas both within and without. Contemporary and modern front porch ideas provide simple, clean lines and airy, welcoming spaces.

1. Outdoor Living

Image credits: Shaun Montero via Unsplash

Porches dominate this modern, open architecture to provide easy outdoor living. Lots of light and cool breezes are supported by the multi-level living areas, including an enclosed space for in-climate weather.

2. Effortless Blending

Image credits: Greg Rivers via Unsplash

Looking for front patio ideas? This is one of the best front deck ideas! A shallow porch-style patio blends effortlessly into the surrounding landscape design to make clean lines and simple materials a focal point. Building your porch into the house design, instead of out, provides a more welcoming and intimate space.

3. Stone Luxury

Modern style home with amazing wrap-around porch
Image credits: PC Photography via Canva

Mixing natural materials into more modern material designs is a sophisticated choice. Stone pillars allow privacy, as well as the perfect backdrop to more modern details.

4. Shallow Terraces

Modern porch
Image credits: Ziga Plahutar via Canva

Like many other porches, this shallow terrace helps extend the indoor living space into an outdoor retreat. Wooden materials choices balance the more contemporary lines and colors with the surrounding environment.

5. Stone Facade

Image credits: Bernard Hermant via Unsplash

Modern facades are given a softened image with the use of stone tiles and walls. Floor-to-ceiling windows, modern benches, and custom lighting provide a unique entry to match your personal style.

6. Clean Lines

Front porch with modern stone work and siding
Image credits: PC Photography via Canva

This otherwise more country, the stone look is given a modern update with a well-designed doorway that mimics the lines of the surrounding stone siding. In keeping with the design, well-cut, railings help complete the look.

Front Porch Designs for Colonial Houses

Colonial porches speak of spacious areas and lots of light, which leaves you lots of ways in which to decorate. Hanging baskets, comfortable furniture, or simple pops of color can all provide an inviting atmosphere.

1. Smooth Surfaces

Colonial House
Image credits: powerofforever via Canva

Smooth details create a crisp, clean, and airy location to relax in and take in the summer breezes. Relaxing sitting areas, and greenery for air circulation create a space specifically for your comfort. Adding a fan can tie this look together!

2. Black and White

Image credits: ArtisticOperations via Unsplash

Bold contrasts make big statements and are the perfect way to show off the grand details often found within dated architecture. Subtle shadows and clean lines make this colonial porch stand alone.

3. Culturally Inspired

Image credits: cocoparisienne via Pixabay

When we think colonial, we think, mostly, of what we are familiar with, but colonial-style varies from country to country. This Russian colonial uses intricate woodworking and tiered porches to show off their unique, traditional style.

4. Gabled Sitting

Front porch of newly built home
Image credits: nwinter via Canva

A graceful curving, gabled porch completes the front architecture of this colonial meets contemporary design. Narrow columns complement the long windows to help balance the overall look.

5. Relaxing Retreat

Image credits: GeorgeB2 via Pixabay

This stone porch provides room to relax and chat the night away. Lighting from the windows that run the length of the porch is sure to provide the perfect atmosphere come sunset.

6. Solitary Sitting

Exterior of colonial house with lawn
Image credits: Comstock via Canva

A deep set porch, wide columns, and shade blinds combined with strategically planted trees create a front porch oasis. Watch the world go by while taking advantage of a degree of privacy in this well-designed sitting area.

Front Porch Ideas for Two-Story Homes

Open verandas and vaulted porch ceilings are only a few ideas you can use by taking advantage of the extra height two-story homes provide. Often, second stories can be designed to blend effortlessly into welcoming porches for your personal preference.

1. Sloping Roofs

Image credits: ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

If you’re looking for covered porch ideas, this second-story roof creates the perfect covered porch. Deep shadows to help cool the house and multiple sitting areas around the side are a great way to welcome guests and enjoy the solitude.

2. Lofty Heights

Image credits: BM10777 via Pixabay

This Northern European-inspired design takes advantage of both old and new and provides the second-story walkways popular along the coast to watch for returning ships. Take in the surrounding views from lofty heights by adding upstairs porches.

3. Complementary Colors

Image credits: 12019 via Pixabay

Muted blues and reds show off the porches of this classically styled house. The covered porch has been created to be multi-purposeful and provide a second-story walkout. Don’t be afraid to use splashes of color and details in your wood to provide interest to your overall look.

4. Focused Walkway

Image credits: rnewmanphoto via Pixabay

Imposing columns on this heritage house leads the way to the small front porch and through to the beautiful second story. This upper-level porch is truly the focus of this architectural design and provides a wrap-around view of the surrounding landscape.

5. Old-Fashioned Appeal

Image credits: Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. via Unsplash

Stucco and tile provide an old-fashioned, southwestern appeal to this neighborhood home that uses traditional curved openings for shade and privacy. Not quite enclosed, cool breezes are welcome on hot, sunny days.

6. Graceful Curves

Image credits: JosepMonter via Pixabay

A porch doesn’t have to be standard in nature. Instead, gracefully curve out a walk up to provide a unique entryway. This house even boasts multiple second-story porches and walkouts to complete the overall design.

7. Perfect Combinations

Front Porch
Image credits: bauhaus1000 via Canva

Yet another home that blends materials- stonework, multiple siding choices, wooden ceilings, and a traditional shingle roof completes the overall look of this very welcoming home. A bright red door and big windows are all the porch needs.

8. Wooden Ceilings

Pretty column porch with wooden ceiling
Image credits: irina88w via Canva

Another wooden ceiling design shows clearly how this contrasting color and material brings warmth and depth to your outdoor sitting area. This wrap-around porch provides a big, open walkup for visiting guests.

9. Timbered Design

Idyllic Log Cabin Front Porch
Image credits: JulNichols via Canva

Large timbers frame this cabin’s homely porch and provide a beautiful choice against well-spaced cabin log siding. This old-fashioned design takes on a modern appeal due to the perfect placement of materials used.

10. A-Frame Excellence

Image credits: Pascal Bernardon via Unsplash

Overlooking balconies balance out this beautiful A-frame-styled house. This design truly encompasses the house and provides the added living space to take in the great outdoors so many crave.

Bonus Front Porch Design Ideas

1. Light It Up

Image credits: Vishnu Prasad via Unsplash

Nothing screams elegance like a well-lit porch. Regardless of the front porch designs you choose, outdoor lighting can make or break the effect it has on others. If you have a vaulted ceiling or a trellis, you can imitate this look and turn heads.

2. Light The Railings

Image credits: Jodie Walton via Unsplash

If lighting up the ceiling doesn’t make sense to you, how about lighting up the railings instead? Grab a few strings of solar string lights and let your imagination run wild as you light up your porch and become the brightest house on the block.

3. Let It Rain Fresh and Fragrant Flowers

Image credits: eagle77 via Pixabay

If you’re all about nature, freshness, and fragrance, you can’t go wrong with a flowery waterfall. Hardy plants like the bougainvillea are apt for this kind of setup, and the best part is that they come in many colors!

4. Heat It Up

Fireplace at porch and summer night
Image credits: svetikd via Canva

If you have a smaller porch or if you don’t want to invest in a firepit, how about a portable one where you can relax in the warmth of crackling wood? Faux fur pillows, a throw blanket, a nice rug, and a portable cast iron fire pit bowl, are all you need to enjoy a memorable evening with your loved ones.

Which Matches Your House?

This is quite an extensive list to choose from, but not all design ideas work well with every house style. Don’t allow yourself to be held back though, your personal style and wants can be well blended with the needs you have with a little imagination.

Which was your favorite, or do you have a fabulous idea you’d like to share? Please comment and question below, and as always, please share!

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