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51 Garage Door Christmas Mural and Décor Ideas

The garage door is a really good place to add some Christmas decorations. The large, flat surfaces lend themselves to elaborate displays that are fully customized. Or you can choose a few simple decorations for a minimalist approach. Either way, make sure there’s nothing interfering with the operating mechanisms of your garage door if you plan on opening and closing it. Check out these garage door Christmas mural and decor ideas to get the ball rolling.

1. Wrap your garage as a present 

red ribbon bow
Image credits: nito100 via Canva

An easy way to turn your garage door into a Christmas decoration is to wrap it up like a Christmas present. While regular wrapping paper won’t last long, you can get vinyl stickers or magnets that look like wrapping paper instead.

2. Giant hanging wreath 

Front door wreath
Image credits: arinahabich via Canva

Your front door doesn’t have to be the only door with a wreath on it. Attach an oversized wreath to your garage door to add some Christmas cheer.

3. Garage door illusion 

Santa And Reindeer
Image credits: JoeLena via Canva

If you’re ready to go all in you could turn your garage door into an illusion. Paint and decorate accordingly to make it look like your garage door is anything but a garage door. Try a nativity scene or Santa and his reindeers flying on their sleigh.

4. Twinkling Lights

Christmas lights around a double garage
Image credits: Alphotographic via Canva

String lights are an easy way to instantly decorate a place. String some lights around your garage door to do the same. Make sure the lights don’t have the potential of getting stuck in hinges when the door opens and closes.

5. Vinyl Stickers 

Christmas and New Year stickers collection
Image credits: ilona_belous via Canva

An easy way to immediately overhaul your garage door is with vinyl stickers. You can buy stickers to fit whatever theme you’d like and paste them all over the garage door.

6. Magnets 

Christmas wooden magnet.
Image credits: Jumoobo via Canva

Like vinyl stickers but easier to move around. This only works with metal garage doors of course, but the result is a quick way to make a lasting impression.

7. Projector 

Modern Christmas Lights
Image credits: TriggerPhoto via Canva

This one’s a bit more involved but the result is priceless. You can set a projector up to project whatever you’d like onto your garage door. You might have to choose one or two special nights to do this because leaving a projector outside is probably not the best idea.

8. Paint A Mural 

Christmas mural
Image credits: edenpictures via CreativeCommons

Get those creative juices flowing by painting a Christmas mural on your garage door. Use water-based paint that can be easily removed so you don’t have a Christmas mural all year round.

9. Frame It 

Square frame Garage forecourt covered in snow day light
Image credits: Jason Finn via Canva

A simple way to decorate your garage door is to add a faux picture frame around your garage door. Pair it with a mural or some other focal point to really bring it to life.

10. Real-Life Gingerbread House 

Gingerbread House
Image credits: Jamalrani via Canva

How about scaling up your gingerbread house decoration by turning your actual house into a gingerbread house. Use water-based paint to add a ginger color to the door and don’t forget the white trimmings and brightly colored buttons.

11. Snowy Scene 

blue painted old wooden background, snow
Image credits: TanyaLovus via Canva

You can make sure you have a white Christmas by turning your garage door into a snowy scene. Use fake snow to dust the whole thing and add some oversized snowflakes as an accent.

12. Hang Garlands 

Red Door With Garland
Image credits: DNY59 via Canva

Garlands instantly make anything more Christmassy. Hang a collection of garland’s around your garage door for a lovely decoration typical of Christmas.

13. Bow, Garland, And Wreath 

Christmas Wreath & Garland
Image credits: DNY59 via Canva

Each of these elements are a decor item on their own. But when you combine all three, you get a whole lot more decorating your garage door. 

14. Snowman 

christmas snowman
Image credits: qkchung2 via Canva

How about an oversized snowman mural on your garage door? Or even a family of snow people enjoying their holiday time together? As a bonus you can make a real snowman to go with it if it snows.

15. Family Holiday Mural 

Christmas photo of a happy family
Image credits: Margaryta Basarab via Canva

For this one, you’ll need a nice family photo. Get it blown up and printed on a vinyl sticker that’s the same size as your door. That will get your neighborhood into the family holiday spirit.

16. The Grinch Stole The Lights 

Grinch figure
Image credits: ErikaWittlieb via Canva

The Grinch is everyone’s favorite Christmas villain. Play on this idea with an oversized grinch statue stealing a string of lights off your garage door.

17. Santa’s Workshop 

Santa in workshop decoration
Image credits: KathyKafka via Canva

Turn your garage door into a window into the life of Santa and all his elves getting ready for Christmas in Santa’s workshop.

18. Nativity Scene 

Nativity Scene
Image credits: Jorisvo via Canva

A nativity scene is always a great reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. Turn your whole garage door into a life-sized nativity scene.

19. Tinsel Tassels 

Green tassel of Christmas on white background.
Image credits: MeePoohyaphoto via Canva

Tinsel adds shiny color and a bit of movement to anything you hang it on. Try hanging some around the perimeter of your garage door for an easy decoration that packs a punch.

20. Spell It Out

Merry Christmas sign lettering
Image credits: Jamie Carroll via Canva

When in doubt, spell some Christmas words out with magnetic letters or vinyl stickers. You can write whatever you want, but obviously seasonal references would be most appropriate; words like “Merry Christmas” or “Noel”.

21. Chalk It Up

Christmas Theme Chalkboard
Image credits: JMP Traveler via Canva

Chalkboard paint is a really nice way to create an interactive decoration on your garage door. Invite the neighborhood kids to express themselves on your chalkboard garage door.

22. Christmas Bow

Red ribbon on white background
Image credits: Jannoon028 via Canva

No need to wrap your whole garage door in Christmas wrapping vinyl. One large bow across the door will have the same effect with much less effort.

23. Oversized Mistletoe Ball

Image credits: gadgetobatlle via Canva

The great thing about decorating your garage door is that you have so much room to work with. That means so much more room for oversized decorations. Try a large bunch of mistletoe hanging from your garage door.

24. Framed With Trees

Christmas tree outdoor
Image credits: Vladislav Smotrov via Canva

Christmas trees don’t have to be limited to the interior of your house. Put a Christmas tree on either side of your garage door for a symmetrical look this Christmas.

25. Light Tree

Garland Lights String in Shape of Christmas Tree
Image credits: Syda Productions via Canva

Get creative with string lights this Christmas by displaying them in the shape of a tree. Make sure they are clear of any moving parts of the garage door and avoid the wires getting pinched by the hinges.

26. Snowy Window

Snow in Window
Image credits: Baloncici via Canva

If your garage door has windows, grab a can of fake snow and create a snowy scene in the windows. Use cardboard cutouts to create shapes in the fake snow.

27. Hang Some Stockings

Christmas Stocking
Image credits: LOVE_LIFE via Canva

Hang some oversized outdoor stockings on your garage door. You could even choose to stuff the stockings with little gifts for neighbors or those passing by.

28. Candy Cane Lane

Christmas decoration, twine rope with candy canes
Image credits: Prostock-Studio via Canva

Extend your candy cane lane onto your garage door with some vinyl stickers. You could even hang some real candy canes from the lintel above the garage door.

29. Pine Cones

Conifer Cones Tied with String
Image credits: breezze via Canva

Live near a pine forest? Go out and forage as many pinecones as you can and attach them to your garage door for a fully natural Christmas decoration.

30. Christmas Lanterns

Christmas lantern
Image credits: kajakiki via Canva

Instead of using string lights, adorn your garage door with a string of Christmas lanterns. Pair this with a wreath and some garlands for a breathtaking display.

31. Herd Of Reindeer

Christmas Reindeer
Image credits: Adyna via Canva

Santa’s reindeer also need a place to relax when they’re not carting Santa around the world. Turn your garage door into a faux reindeer stable with a mural and/or vinyl stickers.

32. Star Of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem Night Sky
Image credits: RyanJLane via Canva

If you’re after a more pared-down decoration that still makes a statement, choose one oversized star representing the Star of Bethlehem watching over your garage door. Go for a light-up version to guide your family home at night.

33. Bauble Frame

Christmas Garland with blue and silver baubles
Image credits: Kai_Wong via Canva

A bauble garland draped around the frame of your garage door will add a bit of excitement and color to your Christmas decor this year. Choose larger baubles made out of weather-resistant materials for a long-lasting decoration.

34. Reindeer Silhouette

Reindeer silhouette in night sky
Image credits: Anna_Om via Canva

For a minimalist take on the reindeer mural above, paint just the silhouette of a reindeer bust on your garage door. Choose a color that contrasts the color of the garage door for the best effect.

35. Plaid Door

Plaid background
Image credits: Ablestock.com via Canva

I’m not sure what it is about plaid that makes it feel so Christmassy. But use that to your advantage to give your garage door a Christmas makeover. You could cover the whole thing in plaid, but if that’s too busy for you, frame the door with a border of plaid instead.

36. Christmas Nutcracker Parade

Christmas Nutcrackers
Image credits: NORRIE3699 via Canva

A mural of Christmas nutcrackers on your garage door is sure to make a statement in your neighborhood. Nutcrackers resemble figurines of toy soldiers. In German tradition, the dolls are symbols of good luck and are believed to chase away malevolent spirits.

37. Candy Cane Arch

Candy Cane
Image credits: dstaerk via Canva

If you’re ready to take the candy cane theme to the next level, get two of the biggest candy canes you can find and flank your garage door with them. You could line your driveway with smaller candy canes if you’re really into it.

38. Giant Snowflakes

Large snowflake closely.
Image credits: kamiwro1 via Canva

Giant snowflake cutouts on your garage door might look really cool. Choose shiny or glittery colors for some extra sparkle in the sun. Make sure they’re made out of a material that will survive the elements.

39. Festive Signpost

North Pole Sign
Image credits: DNY59 via Canva

How about a festive signpost mural on your garage door? Have signs pointing to the North Pole, Santa’s Workshop, Reindeer Stables, and whatever other Christmas destinations you might want to visit.

40. Santa’s Elves

Christmas elves
Image credits: sankalpmaya via Canva

Honor Santa’s little helpers by displaying them on your garage door. Paint some murals along the base of your door of elves carrying on about their chores for Santa Clause.

41. Scandi Gnomes

Image credits: 7089643 via Canva

In Scandinavia, gnomes are associated with Christmas. If you’ve chosen a Scandinavian-inspired theme for Christmas this year, make sure your decorations are accurate with some Christmas gnomes (known as nisse in Norway) displayed on your garage door.

42. Christmas Tree Mural

Here’s a Christmas tree that will never drop needles in your house. Paint a Christmas tree mural on your garage door, complete with decorations and lights. For a three-dimensional look, paint the tree, but then hang actual lights and decorations on the door. Far out.

43. Paper Plate Lollipops

Blue Paper Plates
Image credits: anilakkus via Canva

Decorate some paper plates as lollipops and add a stick to each one. Stick them onto your garage door to make it look like you have giant lollipops all over your door. The paper plates won’t last long in the rain or snow, so consider this a short-term decoration.

44. Christmas Train Mural

christmas train
Image credits: SergeevSV via Canva

How about a mural making it look like there’s a Christmas train parked in your garage? Make sure the train is loaded with gifts to keep everyone excited over the winter. Choo choo!

45. Wreath Snowman

Funny Snowman Made of Christmas Wreath Hanging on Color Wall
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

All you need here are three bare wreaths of three different sizes. Spray paint them white and arrange them from biggest to smallest on your door. Add a hat cutout and you have a wreath snowman on your garage door.

46. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas sign
Image credits: DonnaSuddes via Canva

A great way to wish your whole neighborhood merry Christmas is to display those two words on your garage door. Add some other Christmas murals, like wrapped gifts and oversized Christmas lights, to wish your neighbors the best.

47. Grinch Scene

Image credits: MTSOfan via CreativeCommons

Even though the Grinch is grumpy, we just can’t help but love him. Show him some love with a Grinch scene mural on your garage door.

48. Tire Tree

mountain made with tyres
Image credits: Renu Jain via Canva

If you have access to a number of used tires, stacking them on top of one another to form a tree shape. Paint the tires Christmas colors, decorate them with outdoor decorations, and put one on either side of your garage door.

49. Santa’s Clothesline

The Santa Claus clothes on clothesline
Image credits: Geribody via Canva

To add a bit of humor to your Christmas decor, paint a mural of a clothesline with Santa’s suit and hat hanging on it. You could also have Santa doing his laundry in the background.

50. A Ladder For Santa

Santa with a Ladder
Image credits: RichLegg via Canva

Santa delivers his gifts via the chimney, right? Paint a mural of Santa climbing a ladder up to your garage door on his way to dropping off all his gifts for your family.

51. Welcoming Snowmen

Image credits: Mutovin via Canva

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a parade of snowmen welcoming you home? Paint a mural of a bunch of snowmen on your garage door as they welcome you home.

Get Creative

So there you go. From this list above, you’ll be able to find something to Christmas up your garage door. What do you think? Which one of these decorations will you be trying this year? Comment below and let us know.