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39 Garage Storage Solutions to Clear Up Your Clutter

39 Garage Storage Solutions to Clear Up Your Clutter

Garages have a tendency to become cluttered quickly, especially if it is larger than the space needed to park your car. It doesn’t take long either for stored items to pile up and take over any workspace you may have once had.

Not only is a cluttered garage frustrating to look upon, it can also quickly become a breeding ground for unwanted critters, such as mice, spiders, and insects that prefer darker, unbothered spaces. Getting your garage organized not only helps keep it cleaner and provide good air circulation, the spaces you open up can be utilized for so much more than storage. Small workspaces and easy access to tools and gardening products benefit from this attention- and provide you with peace of mind.

Garage Storage Systems

If you have a lot of space, and a lot of things in need of a home- then a garage storage system may be the answer you have been looking for. These are built to utilize the space you have, maximize efficiency, and provide you access to what you have stored within. They also are available in pre-made cabinet and drawer combinations or can be homemade with a little bit of innovative thinking.

#1 Everything in its Place


This sleek, stainless steel wall storage system has a pace for everything from tools to cleaning products, and also locks for safe keeping. With easy plug access to charge products, and lighting built in, it is a storage and work space all in one.

#2 Wall Space


This wall mounted design allows for true garage use as melting snow, blowing dust and leaves, and the ability to hose off the floor are all things to deal with in a garage that sees a lot of use. Tall cabinets fit sporting gear and other miscellaneous items, plus a workbench always comes in handy.

#3 Off the Floor


Getting your belongings off the floor of a garage is always good practice. This not only helps keep your stuff protected from moisture damage and unwanted critters but also provides you with easy access for cleaning purposes. Mounted storage space as well as hanging systems, provides a place for everything.

#4 Let in the Light


Many garages are built with an outdoor workspace in mind, and that doesn’t mean it has to be dirty or grimy either. Easy access cabinets and drawers frame a nice countertop surface perfect for all sorts of crafty business. Plus, it takes full advantage of the windows for both light and air flow.

#5 Clean Edges


Steal and marble create the clean, shape look of this storage space, and provides plenty of space for other storage solutions you may have. Boxes, hardware jars, and cans are all ways to keep your little stuff together, and when visible, allows you to grab what you need without digging through cabinets.

#6 Easy Totes


Totes are my favorite way to store things I don’t need access to that often. They are affordable, come in a variety of sizes, stack easily, can be hung with a rail system, and provide a place to store materials away from dust and dirt that is bound to happen in even the cleanest of garages.

#7 To Each Their Own


Garages that connect to a home entryway are notorious for collecting loose items from vehicles, jackets, and other miscellaneous items that don’t ever quite make it into the house. Why not take advantage of some of your space to create places for muddy boots, clothing, and other items (such as sporting goods) that can be easily stored in the garage to create less clutter in the home.

#8 Recessed Storage


Awkward recesses in a garage often fill up with large items, such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, and boxes of products long past. Clear out those spaces and utilize them with shelving solutions, cabinets, and portable tool drawers to provide you with a place to store all your smaller odds and ends. Leave your larger machinery more accessible along with your garage walls.

#9 Looking Up


Often overlooked is the high wall and ceiling space you garage has. Since much of what ends up in a garage is more long-term storage, why not utilize those areas for things you don’t need access to that often? There are even lifts available to work through remote to help lift and drop those products you have placed out of reach.

#10 Pegboard Wall


Pegboard is a tried and true way to help with easy storage. Not only does it attach easily to your garage walls, it provides a ton of hanging option for everything from the smallest of tools, to drawers, and even shelving brackets for larger objects.

#11 Rustic Hideaway


Who said a garage had to look like, well, a garage? Not only can you park your vehicle in here, but it also offers up an excellent solution for gun storage with a built-in safe, tons of storage space, log workbenches, and if you look up- everything you need to work on your vehicles. Making your garage more an extension of your living space makes it much more enjoyable to be in as well.

#12 Designated Areas


Storage systems are best when they take into account the many different things you may have in a garage. Not everything tucks well into a drawer or cabinet, and those odd shaped tools and products may be best out of the way if you designate a specific area just for them.

#13 The Space Above


Garages aren’t just for cars and work unless you mean work out! Whatever reason you may have to keep your floor space clear, storage units that incorporate getting your stuff up off the floor are always a commodity, and well worth looking into. Just think of how much extra space you create along with your walls when you take advantage of the space above!

#14 Space to Work


Garages really do benefit from flat surfaces of some sort to not only store things upon but to utilize as designated work areas. This DIY idea really does take into account much of what has been highlighted above to provide storage solutions for a variety of different tools, as well as using all of the space given.

#15 Lots of Storage

Your storage system doesn’t have to look professional and works just as well pieced together with useful solutions rather than matching solutions. Shelving, drawers systems, and moveable boxes are all a part of this compact, out of the way organization that is easy to access and provides a place for everything needing to be stored away.

Shelving Ideas for a Garage

Never underestimate the amount of space properly placed shelves can be provided. Tall walls are notoriously ignored, even when they provide the perfect place for long-term storage. Shelves can pretty much be added to any sort of garage system with very little effort and can open up spaces you didn’t even realize you could take advantage of.

#16 Ceiling Solution


Many people forget about all that surface space your ceiling provides, and in doing so, completely ignores the benefits it provides. There is so much you can place into storage above your head with simple ceiling storage shelving units. Even if you have an attic space, this makes access so much easier.

#17 Overhead Protection


Some people hesitate to install overhead shelving as they worry about poor design and shelf failure. Although accidents surrounding these types of shelves are rare, and usually deal with operator error, you can rest easy knowing these shelves are secure through the heavy-duty hardware and double joint design for added security.

#18 Choose Your Size


Wall panels, flow walls, storage walls- no matter what you call them, they provide the support needed to create a variety of differing shelving techniques to store and hang your heavier garage items. A long overhead shelf completes the look for items that are not as often used.

#19 Monkey Bars & Shelving Units


These shelves have built in ‘monkey bars’ or strong, durable length of steel that provides additional room for more shelving or to hang items from. These types of products serve a double duty of sorts and include the structure needed to get just about everything you have up off the floor and out of the way.

#20 Wall to Wall


A wall of well-built shelves may end up taking up a bit of square footage altogether, but it certainly saves you the floor space you’d use to store all your items. These built-in shelves fit totes perfectly but can be utilized in any way you can think of to help get your garage organized.

#21 Monkey Barz Take 2


This photo perfectly illustrates just how strong this type of system is. Stacked totes, floating shelves, hanging equipment– there is not much this type of design can’t handle. It is also the perfect way to take advantage of those narrow, awkward spaces your garage may have.

#22 Hanging Around


There truly is no end to the usefulness of these types of hanging shelving systems. This close up provides a more detailed look at exactly how useful they can be. The gaps created along the back are perfect to set your more narrow tools within, and S-hooks provide the perfect hanging hardware.

#23 Best Bike Storage


You wouldn’t think shelves were the best solutions to bike storage, but they really do deliver. Even if you don’t have a ‘monkey bar’ like storage system, you can easily take advantage of the supportive hardware your shelving system has to thread pipe through your bike tires to get them up out of the way.

#24 Shelves Galore


This garage is all ready to accept more storage as the many shelves included here are well tucked away against narrow gaps and ceiling overhangs. Don’t let these small spaces go to waste as they are everything you need for easy access to your outdoor items.

#25 Easy Combo


Don’t worry, you don’t have to make a decision one way or another concerning which types of shelves you like best. The best part of using shelves is that you can mix and match for your needs, and even add to existing shelving as long as you have space!

#26 One Car Wonder


Narrow, one car garage spaces often provide plenty of wall space, but very little maneuverability overall. They also happen to usually be rather tall in nature to accommodate for overall storage space. High shelving, as well as these included overhanging shelves, are excellent solutions to space issues.

#27 Space Solutions


Recessed shelving behind cabinet doors, storage walls, and long countertop spaces all provide the room needed to mix and match shelving ideas as needed. As families grow, and new products are purchased, it always best to leave room for future ideas.

#28 Don’t Waste Space


This DIY solution takes advantage of those upper-level heights we’ve already spoken about. Although many shelving units are fairly affordable overall, there is no reason why you can’t create your own for a fraction of the cost.

Small Garage Storage Ideas

Small garages may at first look a bit crowded and unable to hold much overall, but with a little ingenuity, they can be utilized quite well. Much of what has been discussed above can be easily applied in smaller spaces as well, especially if you are interested in taking advantage of wall space.

#29 Wall Space


Any open wall space is the opportunity to add storage too. Just because space is small doesn’t mean you don’t have a plethora of possibilities. Whether you hang garden tools, create baskets for toys, or add shelving – there is no wrong way to take advantage of narrow areas.

#30 Storage Systems


Just because they look large doesn’t mean they take up a lot of room. Storage systems are actually great ways to utilize small garage wall spaces as they maximize storage while minimizing the space used.

#31 Sporty Hooks


No matter what sports you are into, they can take up a lot of room. Plus, you hate to pack them away as if you are really into your sports you want them accessible and within reach no matter what season it is. Paneled walls are excellent solutions to providing hooks and hanging displays to create a space for all your extracurricular needs.

#32 No Inch Spared…


Even though this owner doesn’t have a car, they leave plenty of room for the vehicle they use, all while taking full advantage of the small space they’ve been gifted with to create an excellent small storage system. Shelving units, hanging hooks, drawer systems, and even countertop surface areas are all part of this compact design.

#33 Compact Durability


The strength of monkey bar shelving has already been explored above, but their strength can be of a serious asset in these smaller garage areas. This photo illustrates well just how easily you can get some of your larger, bulky items up and out of the way, and still leaves plenty of space for additional storage.

#34 Slide Rails


This compact storage solution, along with sliding storage rails allows you to mix and match how and where you get your belongings organized. These hook systems are excellent for yard and garden type products as they are durable and keep things well within reach.

#35 Easy Assess


Keeping your well-used items available and at hand is especially important to seasonal sports lovers. Lugging your equipment in and out of the house, or into (and out) cabinets can be a real chore. Providing a place for it to be stored within easy access to your vehicle is a true asset.

#36 Multi-Purposeful


Storage sheds are great to get some of your larger items out of the main garage, but their square footage can provide a real challenge to storage solutions. Maximizing wall space is the key to successful organization and provides reachable, easy solutions will make your landscaping chores that much easier.

#37 Everything Has a Home


It’s already been determined that shelving is amazing in that it easy keep clutter from the floor and provides it a space of its own, but you truly don’t need anything designer to be efficient. This is especially true if you are trying to declutter your own personal workspace, and simply need to get your materials organized.

#38 Narrow Solutions


This narrow, but deep one car garage may not be able to accommodate anything too bulky, but you definitely can provide spacious parking with a little bit of careful planning. By taking advantage of the walls and height to store all your yard tools and other miscellaneous items, the floor is kept clear, and you have plenty of room to work as well.

#39 Basket Storage


Paneled walls can accommodate so much more than just hooks and shelves. Baskets are a favorite storage solution for anyone who has young children, or lots of sports equipment. Baskets allow for easy site access and can be moved within reach (or out) of exploring little hands.

To Conclude

Cleaning up your garage clutter is as easy as taking the time to envision what space is best utilized, and then making it happen. Shelving, cabinets, peg and panel board, are all solutions to organizing any size space, and you can definitely stay within budget with some simple DIY solutions as well.

Also, be sure not to underestimate those high spaces, your ceiling included, to take advantage of all surface square footage. Personally, I cannot wait to apply some of these ideas to my own garage to help clear clutter up off the floor and provide a true workspace.

We’d love to hear what ideas you have already applied to your own garage spaces, and which new idea you look forward to taking advantage of. Please leave your comments below, and as always, please share!

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