18 Garage Tool Storage Ideas
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Garage Tool Storage Ideas: 18 Helpful Hints to Easily Declutter

If you are a busy person and are constantly juggling work, kids, chores, property maintenance, and gardening like I am, then you know how easy it is to grab the tools you need and place them all over the place if they do not have a designated storage area. I may be able to find the tools I need, but it is so much easier to have them in a place they belong.

Not only is it more orderly, but it is much easier to find tools that are stored as such, and gets you working much more quickly and efficiently. No matter what size building you have, there are many tool storage ideas for your garage or shed that you can take advantage of, and below I’ve provided an easy list of variable ideas for you to consider.

Cleaning and Planning

Even if you normally keep a pretty clean storage area, regular use of your tools and area almost always result in clutter over time. The first step you want to take in getting organized is cleaning out space and getting rid of what isn’t used or is no longer worthwhile. Unwanted items can be donated or saved for a yard sale further down the line.

Sort Like Items

Sorting Like Item

Once you have an idea of what you are working with, you can better plan out your area. Start by sorting like a tool with like tools. Maybe you want all your garden tools in one spot and automotive tools in another. Or perhaps you want all your handled tools easily accessible, power tools in a spot to charge, and tools that can be hung in another.

This also provides you an idea of what needs you have for storage. For example, if you don’t have any place to hang tools but want to make one, this will give you an idea of how much space you will need for what you have. It is easy to collect multiples of certain things as well and never even notice through the years, and this is a great time to separate out what you don’t need, or maybe even create kits to have in the house or vehicle for even faster access when needed.

Open Up Storage Areas

Open Up Storage Areas

Existing shelves and wall space should be decluttered to provide you an idea of how to plan. As should floor space to see what availability you have. Many options can be homemade- such as ways to hang tools and products from the wall, or ceiling. Shelving is an easy DIY project, as is storage solutions for power tools and charging stations.

Storage Options

There are many, many storage options available for easy access to your tools and other machinery. Choosing a few good varieties can help open up floor space, and allow you to take more advantage of your space to park vehicles, or turn into a workspace through even the most inclimate weather.

Cabinets and Storage Units


Closing cabinets and units that can either be hung or placed on the floor provide plenty of space to tuck items of all sizes away and out of sight. These come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and often may have built-in drawers and even shelving for smaller items. Bigger units may even have a workbench and built-in lighting solutions as well.

I use a cabinet space with shelving to hold smaller items I don’t want to be lost amongst the vastness of the rest of the garage. These fit nicely in small totes for quick, and easy reach. Farm vet boxes, instruction manuals, power cords, etc. can be kept in spaces like this so you always know where they are. Cabinets also help keep certain items from the dirt and dust that is sure to be tracked into an outdoor storage area.

Hanging Storage Systems

Slatwall System

There are many different types of hanging storage unit you can utilize along your walls to place long-handled tools, or even larger products, such as wheelbarrows, upon. Many people don’t think to utilize the areas higher upon their walls and ceilings, and plenty of larger tools can still be easily accessed even when placed above your head due to their length or size.

Hanging systems are often easy DIY projects using PVC pipe, or simply well-placed hardware hooks. You also can utilize pegboard or Slatwall systems that have many options available to use with them- including baskets and shelving for various places within which garden tools, sporting goods, or outdoor toys can be displayed and reached easily by little hands.

Shelving and Support Brackets


Shelving and support brackets that attach to paneling or other types of storage units are incredibly helpful to stack bins and boxes upon. This is especially true if you are utilizing the tops of your walls and ceilings. There are many hanging shelf ideas that allow you to take advantage of the whole of your ceiling to store season items, or those items rarely used.

Look for durable, strong shelving that ties into your garage studs to provide added strength. These are to be easily accessed via a step ladder and also supply bars and other frameworks from which to hang other systems from. Many people lean away from the idea of shelving due to how much wall space it can take up, but it truly is an invaluable resource for garages of all sizes, and if nothing else can easily line an area not often utilized to provide the room you need.

Storage Bins and Boxes

Wall mounted storage bins

Never underestimate the space bins and boxes can provide. Not only are they the perfect sorting container solution, they also allow for quick organization. Plus they are a safe place for long-term storage of more delicate items, such as clothing and toys, or future yard sale materials.

Bins and boxes are easy to tuck away on shelving of all kinds. Large bins fit well overhead, and smaller ones fit into cabinets and cupboards. Also, they are easy to label, and help you make short work of reorganization later on- or even if you decide to move; bins can be loaded up and unloaded right back to where they belong with very little effort.

Pulley Systems

Pully System

Pulley systems that attach to your garage ceiling are a great way to lift and lower larger items to get them out of the way. Bikes and wheelbarrows are easily lifted with a simple pull of a line that you can tie off at the nearest wall. Larger, bulky, lighter weight items are best for pulley systems in order for you to better manipulate the lowering and raising of it all.

Organizing Ideas

When you finally have your options in place, you can behind to organize all your tools and machinery. Obviously you probably already have a vision due to the solutions you chose, but if you are anything like me you will be getting things into place and thinking about how to better fit and organize it all as you work. You’ll want to start with a few specific tools and sorted materials to work through in order to better get all your products where they belong. Plus, you may want to create smaller organizing solutions as you go along. Some of these ideas include (but are not limited to):

Fishing Rod Organizers

Fishing Rod Organizers

Some PVC pipe and a pool tube can create the perfect place to set your handle in while the rod is supported by the conforming foam. No more leaning your poles against the nearest wall, instead get them up off the ground and in a more protected place.

Car Care Cabinets

Car cabinet organizer

Either find a cheap cabinet at a second-hand store or make your own, specifically to store your car care products. You can even hang a hook from the bottom for your washing bucket. This idea also works well for other sorted items, such as bug and weed control products, to keep them from being mixed up with similarly shaped containers.

Ceiling Shelves and Track Storage

Ceiling Shelves and Track Storage

Mentioned earlier is how awesome taking advantage of your ceiling space can be. Track storage can also be a homemade idea that you can customize to fit the size bins you have in order to slide them in and out below shelving spaces, or even along your ceiling.

Storage Tubes

Garage Storage Tubes

Concrete forming tubes make awesome places to store long-handled tools. You can also take advantage of them to place pool noodles, fishing gear, or random, retired longer handled sporting equipment you kids still love to play with.

Monkey Bar Units

Monkey Bar Units

Monkey bars are an awesome accessory to store all sorts of items. These units are capable of holding heavy weights in shelving systems, provide plenty of places to hang things from, allow for varied bar placements for various tools, can be used with baskets and other types of storage bins… the list goes on.

Ball Bins

Ball Bins

Bungee cords and the wood to make the shape you prefer is all you need to create an easily accessible ball bin. Keep all your children’s balls in one place that they can reach through the sides to use.

Double Duty Shelf Brackets

Shelf Brackets

When hanging shelving, look specifically for shelving brackets that have curtain rod holders as part of the design. These hooks provide the perfect place to hang ladders from, lay long-handled tools across, or even space to get your weed wacker off the floor.

Rolling Workbench


If you struggle to find the room for a workbench, consider making a portable one that allows you to move it where it won’t be blocking anything you need access to. This also can provide you the extra space you may need up against the wall and can be very helpful for more narrow spaces.

Attic Decking Panels

Attic Decking Panel

Most garages have an attic space above it that you can take advantage of. May people place random plywood across the rafters to store lightweight seasonal items upon, but you could take even further advantage of this space by adding attic decking panel made specifically to allow more strength to the attic floor. Of course, always check with a builder to ensure your rafters can handle the added weight.

Pegboard or Paneling Wall

Pegboard or Paneling Wall

This is great stuff to add to just about any open wall surface you may have. It is easy to install and provides many options for storage and organization. Various hooks, shelving, and baskets are all ways you can ensure all your tools have a specific place to be.

Pegboard Cubbyholes

Pegboard Cubbyholes

Organize your files, zip ties, pencils, or other small, long tools along with your ped board by placing a cut piece of PVC within the longer pegboard hook. This helps keep all those small items that have a tendency to get buried in drawers accessible and within view.


Getting your garage organized and placing your tools and other various items in storage may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, with a few good garage tool storage ideas and a plan, you can have your space picked up in no time. The above ideas are perfect to pick and choose from to meet your specific needs and can be applied in any size space. And I bet you will be surprised by how many things you will find, and how much space you will open up to utilize!

We would love to hear about your space saving, storage solutions below! Please share and let’s all help each other create organized garages!