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26 Garden Bench Ideas

The patio and garden are some of the most restful places most of us have where we can read, relax, daydream, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature around us. But for a comfortable and delightful space, we need a good garden bench.

You might choose to build your garden bench, or you can find many beautiful pre-made benches, whatever you prefer. These are some of the best ideas out there for a range of styles, tastes, and looks for whatever your garden space feel might have.

DIY Repurposed Bedframe Bench

white garden bench
Image credits: Zane Lee via Unsplash

For those who like to upcycle, this is the perfect project for creating a lovely garden bench from an old wooden bedframe. Just follow the instructions and grab the parts from the basement or a yard sale.

Rustic Wagon Wheel Bench

Wagon wheel bench
Image credits: Outsunny via Amazon

For a pre-made purchase, this fun rustic wagon wheel bench from Amazon is a great choice. For someone like me who’s busy and not quite as handy as I’d like, this is a great purchase for still having that rustic, homey feel without digging too deep into projects.

Easy DIY Concrete Block and Wood Bench

close up of cinder blocks
Image credits: Debby Urken via Unsplash

Now, here’s an easy DIY bench. You just need some concrete blocks and 4x4s to create this comfortable, easy sitting area. No power tools are needed!

Butterfly Frame Bench

red metal bench in the shape of a butterfly
Image credits: Alpine Corporation via Amazon

Another beautiful pre-made option is this fun butterfly bench from Amazon. The bench is just a giant butterfly for sitting on, and no work is necessary, apart from possibly putting it together using the provided tools.

DIY Recycled Pallet Bench

garden bench DIY
Image credits: NetPix via Canva

And if you can find some old pallets, this DIY pallet bench is a great weekend project for the somewhat handy. You just need a few basic tools and a few hours, and voila – perfectly lovely garden bench!

Classic Wood and Metal Park-Style Bench

wood and metal park bench
Image credits: Dkeli via Amazon

Now, if you prefer the classics, you can find this wood and metal park-style bench on Amazon for a reasonable price. It’s a great way to build your own little garden “park” at home.

Small Metal Bluejay Bench

metal bluejay bench
Image credits: Collections Etc. via Amazon

Here’s a just downright pretty bench from Amazon, featuring metal make and beautiful bluebird designs with pops of color. This one is perfect for a garden party zone, kids’ area, or just placing for an eye-catching spot in your soothing space.

Urban Port Acacia Wood Bench

acacia wood bench
Image credits: Urban Port via Amazon

This beautiful “aged” acacia wood bench is a simple and beautiful choice for your garden space. It’s another premade choice and works great for anyone looking for a rustic, natural option.

DIY Garden Arbor Bench

garden bench build in arbor
Image credits: tc397 via Canva

For a more “complete” experience for your garden bench space, consider this DIY garden arbor bench. The bench is built right into the pergola, offering you a comfortable, semi-shady, beautiful space to get really cozy and sink into comfort. Pile with pillows, snuggle up in blankets on a cooler spring evening. It’s perfect for all that.

Margaritaville Garden Bench

Margaritaville bench with table
Image credits: Margaritaville Outdoor Store via Amazon

Are you looking for an island vibe? Check out this fun Margaritaville garden bench on Amazon. Colorful, festive, and fun – and comes in two shades, darker or lighter, depending on your style.

DIY Padded Cinderblock Bench

dark cinderblocks
Image credits: Orlando Allo via Canva

So, I’m all about using old cinderblocks to build new things – but cinderblocks can be uncomfortable at best. This DIY padded cinderblock bench, however, gives you all the cushion you need for a comfy reading zone in the garden or patio.

PHI Villa Teak and Metal Patio Bench

PHI Villa garden bench
Image credits: PHI Villa via Amazon

Another great, simple garden bench comes from Amazon. The simple, attractive wood and metal bench is perfect for placement just about anywhere. I’d particularly recommend this one for a patio or deck overlooking the beauty of your garden or for placement along a pathway.

DIY Sturdy Wood Slab Bench

wooden garden bench
Image credits: krzysiek73 via Canva

This DIY wood bench is super sturdy and attractive and works for a great little display space or a sitting space, if you don’t mind legs a little taller (or married to a giant like I am!). Follow the tutorial for straightforward construction details.

Two-Person Glider Bench

two person glider bench
Image credits: Outsunny via Amazon

I love gliders! There’s something so soothing about that gentle back and forth movement. This glider bench from Amazon works for two people – the perfect garden bench for relaxation together.

DIY Rustic Log and Reclaimed Wood Bench

rustic log and wood bench
Image credits: Karsten Paulick via Pixabay

This DIY rustic log and reclaimed wood bench are great for folks who love reclaimed wood and can find a few log pieces. It’s very simple and won’t require power tools unless you need to trim the log height or wood lengths to match.

Two-Person Bench with Pull Out Table

bench with pull up table
Image credits: Best Choice Products via Amazon

Okay, I’m a sucker for garden tea parties. And this bench is perfect for that kind of delightful afternoon activity! This two-person bench has a pull-out table for use for holding teacups or biscuits. Perfect!

Blue Metal Aquatic-Themed Bench

blue metal bench with fish embellishments
Image credits: Cape Craftsmen via Amazon

And for the fish fans, this fun blue metal “fish” bench is the winning choice! Perfect for a beachy patio garden, aquatically-themed backyard, or just as a fun visual piece for the yard.

Fiber Clay Faux Stone Bench

dark faux stone garden bench
Image credits: Arcadia Garden Products via Amazon

This fiber clay (i.e., faux stone) bench has a classic look like the old garden benches found in an ancient British garden – only much more affordable! Place it in a nook with roses and be transported back to an old English garden for a reading session of the classics.

DIY Planter Bench

Top of Pallet Garden
Image credits: various brennemans via Creative Commons

This fantastic little bench is another great option for upcycling pallet wood – and planters! It doesn’t require a lot of skill, either, which is perfect for the less mechanically inclined.

Rose-Themed Aluminum Bench

rose embellished aluminum garden bench
Image credits: U/D via Amazon

This beautiful rose-themed aluminum bench is a gorgeous option from the pre-made choices available for purchase. It’s lightweight, affordable, and really lovely – and will fit in just about any kind of garden space.

DIY Log Planter and Bench Combo

planeter and bench in one
Image credits: Mysticsartdesign via Pixabay


Here’s another fun one using logs – smaller logs. The logs come together for this DIY log planter and bench combo. It’s a fantastic choice for a multi-purpose project. And so pretty! Absolutely love this one.

PHI Villa Red Bird Bench

Red metal bench
Image credits: PHI Villa via Amazon

This fun red metal bench is great for bird lovers. The simple, lightweight bench is affordable, fun, and attractive, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a quick but attractive garden bench option.

DIY Eye-Catching Multi-Stained Wooden Bench

multiple boards with different wood stains
Image credits: Scott Webb via Pixabay

Another reclaimed wood project, this bench is one of the prettiest on this list. It uses multiple sizes of wood pieces to create a gorgeous seat and back. You’ll need some tools to trim wood to fit, but otherwise, it’s a moderately simple design – and is it gorgeous!

Colorful Bronze Butterfly Bench

bronze bench with multicolored butterfly embellishments
Image credits: Alpine Corporation via Amazon

This delightful little bench is a sure-fire win for your fairy garden or backyard. The metal bench has colorful butterflies on the back, and a sturdy bronze metal builds for security. Add a few cushions for extra comfort – and it’s the perfect reading spot beneath a shade tree.

DIY Repurposed Wooden Door Bench

old blue wooden door in stone wall
Image credits: Rudy and Peter Skitterians via Pixabay

Have some old doors lying around (or think you could find some)? This DIY repurposed wooden door bench is a great way to recycle and keep them out of the dump. Follow the tutorial for the moderately easy project.

Curved Faux Sandstone Bench

curved stone bench surrounded by plants
Image credits: Emsco Group via Amazon

The final bench on our list is this pre-made faux sandstone bench that comes in a few different colors – black, sandstone, and gray (granite). The bench is lightweight, easy to move, and fits in practically anywhere.

The Best Bench Yet

Finding the best garden bench will boil down to a few things. Primarily, how much money, effort, or time you want to devote to the bench, and whether or not you want to purchase new materials or upcycle some old materials.

Whatever you decide, though, be sure to make sure the bench feels that landscaping mood you’ve set, or let the bench be the central piece to help you adapt your landscaping if you’re ready for an upgrade. Most of all, have fun and love that bench you choose!


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